May 13, 2024 at 8:37 pm

He Was Stuck Carrying All The Luggage Up Six Flights Of Stairs, And Now He Thinks It’s Time His Partner Makes Some Changes

by Ryan McCarthy

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Everyone packs differently for a vacation. Some people bring as little as humanly possible, and others might as well have brought their whole closet!

This user definitely packs light, but has to carry the excess of his partner’s insane amount of luggage anyway!

Would he be in the wrong for asking her to pack less? See for yourself!

WIBTA if I refused to help my partner with her luggage?

When we travel, my partner(25f) has a very large roller suitcase, it can fit about 30kg of stuff in it and it’s about a meter tall.

When we go traveling I use a rucksack & small backpack combo which allows me to move about 23/25kg of stuff with one bag on my front and one on my back.

It also leaves my arms free for carrying extra pieces (hostel linen, tote bags etc).

It’s relatively comfortable, and importantly it leaves me fairly free to go wherever terrain-wise.

His partner, on the other hand, was a completely different story.

She does not use this approach, instead opting for the behemoth roller suitcase and a smaller one.

This means she cannot move her luggage over anything but the smoothest of ground(no curb, no stairs, doesn’t fit easily in the boot of a taxi, it’s a pain on buses).

The suitcase is a large unwieldy shape and heavy too, airport staff put warning stickers on it.

On top of that, as it provides such generous storage space it encourages overpacking, meaning we have to lug around gear that is rarely if ever taken out of the suitcase at stops.

And with his partner’s hands more than full, he was left to carry the rest of their collective luggage!

This all means that it is left to me to get our collective luggage to where it needs to be, the latest incident being up six flights of narrow stairs.

I’m considering refusing to help in future trips unless she gets a more mobile and practical piece of luggage.

Is that likely to work and would it make me TA?

Finally, when the comments assumed his partner was making him carry the luggage, he came back to explain a little more about his trip.

We have moved country, and the first few months of moving country is travelling around on fairly low budget. This means a lot of moving.

From my pov anything longer than two weeks requires the same amount of packing (eg two months or two weeks I bring the same amount of stuff).

Also, I OFFER TO HELP. She does not tell me to or expect me to move her suitcase.

I assume it’s me moving it because I don’t want her to injure herself trying, as a unit the most sensible thing for us to do is leave it to me.

Reddit thought his request sounded perfectly reasonable, but recommended he talk to her before flat out refusing to carry the luggage.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But others thought it would be ridiculous to change luggage in the middle of their trip.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But apparently, this user had no problem changing his luggage once he realized his trip would last longer than originally planned.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user said it sounded like his girlfriend just packed more than her boyfriend in general!

Source: Reddit/AITA

To her credit, it’s better to bring something and not need it than it is to leave something and end up needing it!

At least, that’s some people’s philosophy.

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