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Chaotic Mother Of His Grandchildren Slandered Him In Public, So He Threw A Massive Stone At Her Glass House Of Lies

by Ashley Ashbee

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Family disputes are super uncomfortable and it takes a lot of discipline to keep your cool.

This Grandpa was handling drama from the mother of his grandchildren in a very civil manner.

But then she pushed him too far and let’s just say he didn’t hold back when he defended himself. Now she’s mad at him.

Read the story below.

AITA for airing the mother of my grandchildren’s dirty laundry in public?

My son, Tommy, died suddenly 6 years ago. He was recently divorced with two kids with his ex wife. The kids were 5 and 6 years old at the time of their dad’s death.

The kids and Tommy lived with us for a year at one point. Tommy’s ex, Marla, was serving time after she stole from Tommy, from a friend of Tommy’s and from my husband and myself.

We found out about the stealing after (and she stole from us after the separation). Marla stole close to 35k between us all. Marla had recently been released and started back with 50/50 custody of the kids when Tommy died.

Things escalated once they got more visitation rights from the court.

After Tommy died, Marla attempted to cut our family out of the lives of my grandchildren. My husband and I went to court and were awarded very generous grandparents visitation under grandparents rights of our state.

Marla remarried and now has additional children. My husband and myself have no wish to be a part of her other children’s lives or to play any sort of role in her and her current husband’s life.

Last week Marla and her husband were at my Godson’s talent show with their kids but we sat apart.

As if things couldn’t get uglier, Marla starts making a scene and OP puts his foot down.

Marla approached and asked us to please think of her other kids and start acting like grandparents to them. We stayed civil and refused.

Marla said we were hideous monsters for turning our backs on her and her other kids just because she moved on after Tommy.

She accused us of cruelty to children. She was very loud.

I lost my temper and told her if she had wanted us in her life she wouldn’t have cheated on our son and stolen from him, his friend and us and ended up going to prison.

I told her we owed her nothing and we owed her children nothing and she needed to accept that our grandkids would always be our grandkids but she was no longer part of our family.

Marla told me I had no right to air her dirty laundry publicly.


Let’s see what people in the comments had to say.

I agree. She has no credibility. You can’t reason with people who are like this.

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It amazes me how many people throw rocks despite living in glass houses.

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Excellent advice. I’m sure they haven’t heard the last of her.

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This was so nice to read. Awesome grandparents!

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Right? You can’t slander someone and then get mad when they get back at you with facts.

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It feels so good to be blunt with people who deserve it.

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