May 1, 2024 at 3:16 pm

Dad Drops His Daughter’s Birthday Cake As Guests Sing Happy Birthday, And Now He’s Landed In Hot Water With His Wife And The Internet

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@richforce2023

Parents always go all out for their kid’s birthday party, even if the kid is too young to appreciate it!

Whether it be miniature ponies, a clown, or exquisitely designed decorations, many Mom’s take their little ones’ birthdays more seriously than their own.

So if something goes wrong on their baby’s special day, they are ready to rain fire and brimstone on whoever was the cause!

Unfortunately for this Dad, it looked like he was the cause of disaster on his daughter’s birthday when he dropped her birthday cake, and it didn’t look like his wife was too happy with him!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@richforce2023

The video starts with a happy scene of a little girl’s birthday party, with everyone singing her Happy Birthday as her Dad holds the cake.

But in a tragic but hilarious moment, Dad’s one job goes wrong as the cake slips off its plate, right onto the floor!

In situations like this, all you can do is laugh, especially at Dad’s sheepish face as the cake SPLATS onto the ground.

Source: TikTok/@richforce2023

But one person isn’t laughing, and that’s Mom! She looks like she’d be about to kill her beau if her hands weren’t full with her daughter.

And while I understand her frustration, it’s not like her daughter is old enough to get upset about it.

She is completely unbothered by her cake being ruined, and honestly, she probably didn’t even know there was a cake in the first place!

But if anyone’s laughing, its the camera woman, who can’t seem to keep herself together at the sight of the baked goods on the floor, and Mom’s ticked off face!

Source: TikTok/@richforce2023

But all is not lost, because Grandma is there to save the day, in classic Mom fashion!

She managed to salvage the top layer of the cake, even if it was looking a little rough! “It’s okay! It’s saved, I just picked it up!”

And while Mom definitely just wants her little girl’s day to be special, maybe she could learn a little from Grandma, who took it in stride and made everyone laugh in the process!

Check out the case of the fallen cake for yourself!



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TikTok was firmly on Mom’s side, with many saying the person laughing so hard was probably the husband’s mother, not her’s.

Source: TikTok/@richforce2023

Many thought Mom looked like she was trying not to cry.

Source: TikTok/@richforce2023

This user said all Mom wanted was a perfect birthday for her daughter, and all anyone could do was laugh.

Source: TikTok/@richforce2023

And this user said everyone’s laughing would have been too much for her to handle.

Source: TikTok/@richforce2023

Finally, this commenter suspected she probably told her husband not to drop the cake countless times.

Source: TikTok/@richforce2023

Am I the only one who thinks it’s not the biggest deal? Upsetting, sure, but you can’t cry over spilled cake!

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