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Her Child’s Father Demanded The Kid Only Have His Last Name. She Went Behind His Back And Added Hers To The Birth Certificate.

by Matthew Gilligan

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But the woman who wrote this story on Reddit had her reasons for what she did and now she wants to know if she went too far.

Read her story below and see what you think.

AITA for deliberately misunderstanding my child’s father?

“So I had a baby some weeks ago with my partner to whom I’m not married.

We’ve been together a while, and I’ve given many compromises in this relationship. While discussing baby’s name, we had a few disagreements on names but ultimately decided on a name we both liked well enough.

The surname was a sticking point: he wanted the baby to have his name alone. I offered to hyphenate b/c logistically it’s easier for the baby to have both of our names.

Oh boy, here we go…

He’s been drinking the red pill kool aid lately – a large bone of contention in this relationship – and went off about how it’s ‘tradition’ and ‘the right thing to to’ and ‘his right as a man’ to have the baby have his surname.

He told me I’d be emasculating him and may as well be a single parent if I won’t grant him this one little ask. ‘My word is final – baby’s having one surname’. This was late in my pregnancy and I didn’t have it in to fight, so I told him that I understood what he was saying.

Y’all ready for this?

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago when baby’s birth certificate came. He blew a gasket when he saw that I’d given the baby my surname. He rehashed the conversation above, saying I agreed to giving baby his surname.

This is where I might be wrong. I did nothing of the sort. I told him I understood him, which I did – but I never said I agreed with him. I told him there was no way I was doing all the work of making a baby for him to stick his name on it.

Let’s talk about tradition…

When we bought up tradition, I told him it’s also traditional for him to marry me before having a baby but he was happy to ignore that, I told him it was traditional for him to be the provider but I do that too – and I pointed out other holes in his logic.

I told him trying to bully me into submission with his red pill garbage when I was exhausted from pregnancy didn’t work. He should have known better than to expect me to not share a surname with my child. He said the baby should only have one surname – they do. So why’s he mad?

He went crying to his brothers and mother – all ‘traditionalists’ and misogynists – and now they’re all up in arms.


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She showed him!

I have a feeling this story isn’t over yet…

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