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Her Dad’s Girlfriend Blamed Her For Her Brother’s Demise, So She Refuses To Speak To Her And Dad Is Livid

by Ashley Ashbee

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Grieving a family member is hard enough, but when someone blames you for it, it must be especially painful.

That’s what happened in this story. OP, like any normal person, wanted to avoid her Dad’s girlfriend because of how she treated her and he was furious.

AITA For not wanting to be nice to my dad’s GF of 15yrs

I am a 27F, daddy’s girl if you will. My parents divorced when I was 13. Dad (53M) has been with the same girlfriend (55F) this whole time, her name is Susan.

Sounds like Susan had ample opportunity to be civil, but didn’t take it. How sad to lose a sibling. Condolences to OP.

Susan and I never really bonded but I was always respectful towards her for my dad’s sake. I did have an older brother, they got along great. To the point where she was in awe of him. When my brother passed away in 2022 from an overdose.

A celebration is supposed to be peaceful and healing, at least based on my experience. What’s her deal?

Things went down hill on my brothers 1 year celebration of life that I planned with my Dad. Susan had a horrible time and started a fight with me cause she wanted to plan it which then she blamed me for his death and stated she’s hated me since she’s met me.

I sincerely doubt a genuinely good person would do this. At least they’d apologize and respect the desire for distance from the person.

My dad heard everything and told me in the heat of the argument people say the worst things they don’t mean. Time has passed since that happened, I put a lot of space between me and her to the point where we do not talk.

Good for OP for going even though this is inherently awkward.

This year on my birthday April 6th , I went to visit my dad. My dad asked me to say hi to Susan but I did not feel comfortable doing so. Susan made a scene cause I wouldn’t say hi to her but I feel like she owes me an apology before we go any further.

This makes no sense to me. I’d ball my eyes out.

Dad yelled at me at the top of his lungs to drop it and took her side. My dad said “If you can’t be nice to her than get out“.

I feel like I’m on the back burner and my dad and I haven’t spoken since my birthday.

AITA for not wanting to be nice to my dad’s GF of 15yrs?

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Definitely. Cut them out. Find people who treat you right. THEY’RE your family. Not these two.

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This says it all. There’s no redemption from this.

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Trauma is the right word. Break the cycle.

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Right. You can’t fix this, so cut them out.

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It sounds like they’re made for each other.

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This story made me want to hug my niece and nephew tight.

How can anyone do this to a family member?

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