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Her Daughter Wouldn’t Stop Being Competitive On Vacation, So She Grounded Her Because She Ruined Their Time Off

by Matthew Gilligan

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I got my fair share of groundings when I was younger…but it never happened on vacation!

But the mom you’re about to hear from WENT THERE.

And now she wants to know if she was out of line.

Check out what she had to say!

AITA for grounding my daughter for ruining our vacation?

“My husband, daughter (15), step kids (13, 16), and I just came back from a 2 week vacation.

My daughter is very smart and is very good at a lot of things. She’s also very competitive. My husband is also very competitive.

My daughter started off this vacation by telling my husband there was Sudoku on the plane and explaining how to play.

He didn’t know that she’s been playing Sudoku for months.

Let’s make a deal…

She made a bet with him that if she finishes the hardest level first, he’d buy her wifi for the flight and if he finished first she’d share a bed with his younger daughter on the trip.

His younger daughter was complaining about sharing with his oldest because she kicks and sleeps in the middle of the bed.

She beat him and pestered him until he bought the wifi.

When we got there she’d challenge him to races on land and in the pool (she’s won medals at state track meets and has been swimming since she was 2).

Every day she’d challenge him to something, win, and he’d have to buy her something from the resort or local shops.

It was getting old…

My husband was getting sick of losing and my stepdaughters were upset that their dad was buying her stuff and not them.

So I told my daughter she either couldn’t compete with her stepdad or she had to let him win.

She decided to tell her stepdad that she wasn’t allowed to compete with him anymore because he couldn’t handle losing.

This made them start to argue so I told her that if she didn’t keep it up she’d be grounded to the resort for the rest of the trip (a little over a week at this point).

She decided to test me so I stuck to my word and she was left at the resort while the rest of us went out every day.

The vacation was much more enjoyable without her turning everything into a competition but she told her dad when she got back that we grounded her.

He’s mad at me now for leaving her there and excluding her from the vacation because my husband couldn’t act like an adult.

I told him my daughter was warned to stop but she decided to test me and now he’s forcing her to stick to the custody schedule (technically I have her every other weekend but he was letting her go back and forth whenever she wanted) and is threatening to go to court for child support and back pay.

AITA for grounding her for ruining the vacation?”

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She probably went too far.

But also she should have blamed her husband and not her teenager.

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