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Her Friend Wouldn’t Clean The Bathroom On Their RV Road Trip, So She Made Sure To Leave Her A Parting Gift

by Matthew Gilligan

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This sounds like the trip from HELL.

And the two people you’re going to learn about in this story should never have gone on a trip together…especially a trip that was supposed to last for FIVE WEEKS.


So what happened?

Get all the details below and see what you think.

My travel partner doesn’t want to clean the toilet? Okay.

“I’ve (55f) been on a five week RV trip with a “friend” (49f) who has systemic disabilities which cause her to not have a lot of energy.

She is also very sensitive to various things which are things most adults deal with in every day life. She was lucky enough to have inherited a bunch of money from a relative, and thus has “helper people” that she hires on a weekly basis to come and do stuff around her house.

This wasn’t going well…

And for the first week and a half of this trip, she barked orders at me, and was extremely demanding, and not at all helpful in any aspect of the travel.

The RV has a bathroom on board, which is kind of like driving around with a porta potty, but slightly less gross because there is a flap that covers the hole when you are not purposefully flushing waste.

Friend really did not want to use the onboard bathroom, but we were at an RV park in the public bathrooms were too far away for her to walk to, so she used them while I was doing some work outside.

Here it comes…

She came out and announced that she had both peed and pooped. I congratulated her and asked if she had any problems figuring out how to flush the toilet. She said no. I let her know that there was a toilet brush hanging on the back wall in case there were any “remnants“ left over.

She told me that she does not clean toilets. I told her that I was not at all interested in cleaning up her ****. She replied that she hires people to clean her toilets, and that she refused to do it.

I asked her to please at least swish some water around to see if that took care of any evidence. Apparently it did.

Fast forward to about a week later, when I basically had had enough of her demands and told her that she should fly home. This was a standing option the entire time, because she was not sure if she would be comfortable on this trip (she slept the entire time while I did 90% of the driving).

It was time to let her have it.

Here’s where my revenge came in. On our way towards the airport, we stopped at a tiny book store with one bathroom. We both had to use the restroom. I had to go number two. I made sure I got to the restroom first.

Let’s just say that after flushing there was still some of my own evidence behind and didn’t bother to flush any extra paper afterwards. It was a small revenge, but it was satisfying.”

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Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Good grief!

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