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Her Husband Spends A Lot Of Time With His Mom And Won’t Listen To Her Pleas, So Now She’s At War With Both Of Them

by Ashley Ashbee

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Some people stay super close to their mom well into adulthood, but it’s not always for healthy reasons.

Especially not when it comes at the cost of other relationships.

Check out this story to see why this woman took extreme lengths to call out her husband.

AITA for saying my MIL acts as though she’s in a relationship with my Husband?

I F26 and my husband M32 is a complete Mama’s boy.

He’ll call his mother for hours and talk to her and spend time with her more than he does with me.

Things are like a soap opera from the start.

I recently hit my 6 month mark in my pregnancy and explained to him that we just needed to get ready with a few things here and there and that I wouldn’t need more help later in the week.

He just ignored me and went to his mom’s house.

After a while, she called me and said “I won”, in a snarky voice and I just bite my tongue and said “maybe I’ll win next time”and she hung up.

For our sixth-month anniversary, I got my husband’s gift ready and cooked his favorite meal.

He came back from work and I was upstairs in the bathroom and he left.

I got all eager and happy that he was bringing some sort of surprise and waited in the living room. 30 minutes go by and I call him saying where are you.

The drama intensifies.

He replies with “oh I’m at my moms house”.

I replied, “ She might as well be having your kid you clearly seem like you are with her”.

I hung up the phone and it was probably in speaker phone and minutes later I get a bunch of text from them saying that I shouldn’t be jealous, I should respect my mother in law, and that I should maybe find something to do instead of being a bitter *******. AITA?

It doesn’t look like things will cool down any time soon.

Update:  I told him I felt like he treated his mom more than a wife he did me.

I told him that he either had to stop that or I wouldn’t be in this marriage with him anymore. He started to cry and said that he would change.

I’ve spoken to MIL about what she’s been doing and that I don’t appreciate her taking my husband away when I need him in my life during the pregnancy.

She just laughed and said you won’t win that easily.

I said that if I had to compete with her for my husbands presence and attention, I wouldn’t be calling her my MIL and that my baby wouldn’t be around her for those reasons as well.

She hung up.

Here’s what people had to say in the comments.

A lot of people noted there must have been red flags from Day One.

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I agree with this person in a way. I’m not sure this situation can resolve with marriage counselling.

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This is even more blunt than the pencil on my desk. I like it.

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Wasn’t this a plotline in the original Dallas series?

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Blaming the victim… I wonder what it’s like to be married to this person.

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And you thought your mother-in-law was a challenge…

This one pretty much takes the cake!

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