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Her Sister Demanded She Share Oil Paints With Her Nieces And Nephews. Now She’s Demanding She Help Pay To Get The Oil Paint Out Of The Carpet.

by Trisha Leigh

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Babysitting is no easy gig.

When the parents have too many rules, though, it can feel like you can’t do anything right.

This young woman watches her nieces and nephew and is happy to do it, but now her sis wants her to spend money.

Yeah… let’s take a look.

AITA for not explaining to my sister why she was stupid for asking me to share my art supplies.

I babysit for my sister all the time. She pays me the same as anyone else. But she is a lot more entitled than anyone else.

My nephews are really good kids but spoiled. They eat when they are supposed to and a don’t need to wrangle them much to get them to bed.

However they are fascinated with my art supplies.

She also likes drawing, but didn’t want to share her oil crayons with the kids.

I am not an artist. I just like to draw. I have a few apps on my iPad but I like my paper and pencils as well. I also have oil pastel crayons.

My nephews wanted to draw with them but I said no. They complained to my sister and she told me to let them draw with me.

Her sister gave her a hard time.

The next time I came by I brought pencil crayons for them. Not good enough. They complained and she said I was being mean not sharing.

Time before last I just didn’t bring anything except a book to read. She gave me shit for being immature.

They weren’t happy with crayons, so she broke down and bought the oils.

Fine I gave up. I bought them them some cheap oil crayons.

I gave them to her as I was leaving.

Now, they’re all over the furniture and carpet.

She called me today.

She gave them the crayons but did not supervise them. She has spent the last two days trying to get the oil paint off her couch and carpet.

She says my brother-in-law is pissed that I gave them art supplies that are so messy. I forwarded her the messages where she called me childish and mean for not sharing.

I offered to send them to her husband so he could know whose idea it was.

Her sister and brother-in-law think she should pay for the cleaning.

She is mad and demanding that I watch them for free to pay her back for the cleaning. I just said I would not watch the kids any more.

She tried to trick me by not having cash when I showed up. I said I was leaving since I didn’t trust that she would pay me.

Strangely she actually had the cash.

She did call our mom and tell on me for giving the kids oil paints without warning her.

My mom wants me to keep the peace and offered to pay me to watch the kids and let my sister think she won.

I’m thinking about it. But my sister still thinks I did it on purpose.

She says no, and she’s not babysitting anymore either.

Whose side is Reddit on? Let’s find out!

The top comment says she should probably hold that boundary.

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This person says don’t do it.

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They say sis is being manipulative.

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Let grandma do it instead.

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It’s her sister’s bed to lie in.

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This sister is unhinged.

Who throws out a happy babysitter?

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