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His Ex-Wife Wants Him To Stop Spoiling Their Daughter So Her New Sibling Doesn’t Get Jealous. He Said No, So She Called Him A “Disneyland Dad”.

by Abby Jamison

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Have you ever heard of a “Disneyland dad”?

It’s basically a dad who doesn’t do any real parenting and instead showers his kids with gifts and fun.

This person’s ex-wife accused him of being a “Disneyland dad”, but he disagrees.

Let’s find out the truth…

AITA for continuing to be the “Disneyland dad”

“Hello everyone! I’m new to reddit so if I make mistakes here sorry in advance.

I am divorced from my wife “June” we have one daughter together “Clare”. We divorced on bad terms after I lost my job in the pandemic.

Came home to an empty house and a note saying she needed someone who could “give her the lifestyle she and Clare deserved.”

Let’s see how he handles the shock…

I didn’t see Clare for a while after because of pandemic restriction on court proceedings.

However I was on of the lucky ones who came out of the pandemic better than I went in and I’m now in fantastic financial shape.

I now have 50% custody of my daughter and am trying to make up for lost time.

This means, since the world has opened up again, as long as Clare does well in school and helps a with her chores, the weekend she’s with me, we will do whatever she wants, usually things like museums, movies, near-by national parks, festivals in our city, etc.

Let’s see where the conflict comes in…

Yesterday I went to pick up my daughter from school and June and her husband were waiting there and asked to speak to me.

They said that the businesses he used to run took a massive hit during the pandemic and have never recovered, and that it’s meant they’ve had to scale back their lifestyle significantly, including June getting a job.

They then informed me that June was pregnant and they didn’t want my spoiling Clare to affect the relationship between the two kids, as they couldn’t do the same for their baby.

He stood his ground…

I told them I had no intention of changing how I raised Clare because she was great kid and deserves to be rewarded for her good behavior.

The conversation devolved from there with June finally screaming at me that I was just some “damn Disneyland dad using his money to get back at her”.

At the time I didn’t think I was wrong but since talking to my girlfriend and some friends in child education, I’m wondering if I am the asshole for setting my daughter and her half sibling up for conflict?”

Let’s get into the comments.

This Reddit user thinks his ex is a hypocrite.

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Another commenter makes a valid point.

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This commenter says definitely NTA.

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Overall, the comments were in support of “Disney dad”!

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It seems if this guy is guilty of anything, it’s just being a good dad!

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