May 15, 2024 at 8:40 am

His Sister Is Obsessed With Making Fun Of Fiancé, But Now She’s Upset She’s Not A Bridesmaid In The Wedding.

by Abby Jamison


News flash: mean girls finish last!

This person’s getting married, but his sister has always had a problem with his fiancée. It all came to a head when his sister realized she’s not a bridesmaid.

Let’s see how it went down…

AITA for telling my sister she’s not bridesmaid?

Backstory: my older sister Sarah has always been a mean girl and has mean girlfriends and coworkers. She has constantly made jabs at my girlfriend Missy.

First it was over this spikey black purse that Missy had. She teased her about it being from Hot Topic.

Missy never really spoke to my sister because I pre-warned her about how two-faced Sarah was so she could gossip about people when they weren’t around.

But there’s a plot twist…

Next Sarah snagged a photo of the purse and took it to work to show everyone how ugly it was. One of her fellow nurses said oh that purse is Valentino.

Then Sarah calls me calling my girlfriend a gold digger, and me stupid for buying her a Valentino purse.

I had no clue about the purse and I didn’t even buy it. I told her maybe Missy or her parents got it for her.

The purse incident became stupid family drama and it has lived in my sister’s head for 6 years, it’s like her obsession in what Missy does, wears, and acts.

Fast forward to me announcing our engagement this weekend for our wedding. Missy’s parents are paying but we haven’t really decided on a venue yet or anything.

Sarah’s in for a rude awakening…

I told my parents and Sarah chimes in over the speakerphone about her bridesmaid dress and her ideas for our upcoming wedding. I told my sister “What the f*** makes think you are invited let alone a bridesmaid?”

Sarah started screaming at me and my mom was upset saying I have to include Sarah something.

I told her I wasn’t and I ended the conversation and I told my parents who kept harassing me over text about Sarah if they continue this they aren’t going to be involved and invited to the wedding either.

Sarah can’t contact me herself because I blocked her a long time ago and I’m not planning on changing that.

Let’s get Reddit’s reaction.

This person is on his side.


Another commenter thinks he handled it perfectly.


Many commenters had opinions on wedding culture.


Most agreed: the sister is a jerk.


Phew! It seems the sister needs to learn you have to treat people how you want to be treated.

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