May 20, 2024 at 1:34 pm

His Upstairs Neighbor Demands He Turn Down The Heat Because Her Apartment Is Too Hot, But They’re Freezing In Their Place

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

The thermostat wars continue! And this time it’s happening to a guy who just can’t catch a break because his upstairs neighbor is trying to make his life more complicated via the heat in his apartment.

How annoying! But is he being a jerk?

Let’s see what the heck is going on here…

AITA for refusing to turn my heat down further to make my upstairs neighbor comfortable?

“I, (45M) and my wife (42F); live in a house converted into an apartment.

We’ve lived here for 6 years, have had two really good neighbors and then there’s the current one.

We try to be good neighbors. We live on the first floor, the neighbor lives on the second.

Each apartment is a separate unit with its own bathroom, kitchen, living room, electric bill, water bill, trash etc. Each unit has its own heater/thermostat which is where this issue arises.

It was cold out there!

Last week where we live, the temperature dropped into single negative numbers during the day, double negative at night along with 13” of snow.

My wife and I were reasonably cold so I turned our heat up to 72 from 68 degrees. Things were going well for that week and the temperatures began to rise again; so I turned the heat down to 70.

Two days ago, the temperature high was 29 (it felt like 25) so I left the heat at 70.

Our upstairs neighbor (F – I honestly don’t know her age but I guess around 35-40?) knocked on our door and asked us to turn down our heat because her apartment was 76 degrees.

You again?

I apologized and agreed to lower it back down to 68.

Later that evening, there was another knock on our door and it was her again, saying her apartment was still hot (she even brought her thermometer down) and requested that we turn our heat down further.

I told her that we had our heat to 68 already but we would turn it down to 66. She didn’t say anything but went back upstairs.

My wife and I slept under two blankets.

Yesterday, there was a note on our door from her stating that she’s been nice in asking us to turn down the heat. That her apartment is still at 74 degrees and it’s too hot for her to sleep.


She, again, wants the heat lowered and said she would be comfortable if her apartment was at 68 – 70.

Here’s where I might be the *******.

I wrote my own note stating “Dear neighbor, I have complied twice with your requests and that’s not good enough for you. If you haven’t noticed, we have snow on the ground and it’s still in the low 20s and 30s because… it’s winter time. If you’re still hot in your apartment, perhaps YOU should turn down your own heat, buy a fan or open a few windows.”

“My wife and I will NOT freeze ourselves to make YOU comfortable. Our temperature will remain at 69 until the winter is over and spring returns. Do not knock and do not put any more notes on our door. This matter is settled.”

Take that!

And I placed it on her door.

This morning, around 5; she was being extra loud (stomping, slamming doors) and when I started to head to work.

She called me an ******* before getting into her own car.


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There’s a real battle going on in that building!

Sounds like a real pain in the rear!

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