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His Wife Is Furious He Took the Subway Without Her, Leaving Her To Wait For The Next Train Alone

by Ashley Ashbee

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The good thing about the subway is that a new train comes every few minutes.

But apparently this man thought that was too long to wait for his wife.

Read the story to see why he took the train without her.

AITA for not waiting for my wife at the next subway station after I got on the train, and the doors closed before she got on?

My wife and I were in a rush to catch our subway train to go to a brunch with my parents at our favorite restaurant.

We were already 10 minutes late, and my parents are always super punctual and I didn’t want to keep them waiting any longer for us.

He had to make a split-second decision.

I can hear our train approaching.

So, I tell my wife that we need to catch the train, and we both hurry down the escalator, me in front of her.

When we got to the bottom, I heard the subway door chimes, indicating that the doors were about to close.

So, I rushed into the train at the last moment, but my wife was left on the platform of the other side.

He talks himself into believing he made the right decision.

I thought, okay, well this sucks that I made the train but my wife didn’t.

But it’s not really a big deal because we both know exactly where we are going, and it’s only 5 stops away. I will just meet her at the restaurant.

We see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

So I arrive at the restaurant alone and greet my parents, who immediately question me about where my wife is.

I told them what happened, and they didn’t really seem to think much of it.

But when she gets there 20 minutes later, she is all angry at me for not getting off the train at the next stop and waiting for her.

Things got very awkward.

It made for a bit of an uncomfortable brunch, because we could all tell there was tension.

After the brunch on our way home, she explained why she was mad and pretty much gave me silence the rest of the way home.

The way he looks at it is that he was preventing a problem.

My position is that we both knew where we were going and she knew my parents are easily irritated when I arrive late, so why would I have gotten off the train to wait for her unnecessarily?


People in the comments had a lot to say.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens.

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Marriage isn’t a race.

Unless you’re this guy.

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