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His Wife Lets Their Kids Sleep In Their Bed, But He’s Uncomfortable With It So He’s Staying In The Guest Room

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

I don’t have kids, so I’m pretty much blowing smoke here, but I’m 99.999% certain that if I did have kids, they wouldn’t be sleeping in bed with me.

How do people do this?!?!

Well, the guy who wrote this story on Reddit ain’t having it either: is he a jerk?

Check out his story and see what you think.

AITA for saying I won’t sleep in the bed if my child sleeps in it too?

“My wife and I have two kids (4M, 1F) and sleep can be pretty hard to come by in general with two young kids.

He has some issues.

But it’s a bit harder for me because I have bipolar disorder and insomnia that’s really connected to my mood – if I don’t sleep, I tend to have a major mood shift.

Also, I have arthritis so have pretty achy joints and feel pretty run down a lot.

I’ve basically been sleeping in the guest room for the last 9 months.

At first it was because my wife wanted to co-sleep with our baby and I didn’t feel comfortable sharing a bed with them because I take meds to help my insomnia that make me a deep sleeper and I was afraid it wouldn’t be safe for all of us.

Our daughter’s been out of our bed for a few months now but as soon as she left, our 4 year old started sleeping in there.

And even though it’s not about safety with him in there, with my insomnia and difficulties falling asleep, unless I am relaxed in the environment it is so hard to sleep and it’s hard to relax with a starfished out 4 year old.

So I just have essentially moved to the guest room to sleep otherwise I feel that I won’t be able to sleep and that can trigger a mood episode or make my joints feel crummy.

And now he has even more issues…

My wife says I’m being a big baby and am using this an excuse not to be near her and I need to suck it up.

She also said that she has no problem with our son sleeping in our bed even though I’ve explained that means I can’t sleep in there.

In her defense, she now only lets him sleep in there a couple of nights a week but it’s super hard to bounce back and forth for me.

What to do…?

I feel bad making it an ultimatum of “me or our kid” but ultimately, I feel like my sleep is too important to miss out on.

It sucks for our relationship and intimacy for me to be in another room, but I feel like an achy and irritable dad is even worse.

AITA for not sleeping in there?”

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Divorce might be a little extreme.

Then again, this is Reddit.

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