May 8, 2024 at 1:29 pm

His Wife Quit Her Job And Has Been Spending “His” Money, So He Decided He’s Had Enough

by Matthew Gilligan

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Mo’ money, mo’ problems!

Actually, this story seems to revolve around the saying, less money, mo’ problems!

Is this guy acting like a jerk toward his wife regarding their money issues?

Read on and see what you think!

AITA for not giving my stay at home wife more money?

“My(29m) wife(26f) quit at the beginning of this year her relatively well paying job in video game development to pursue a writing career.

He’s all about it.

That’s great, I think she’s a great writer and wholeheartedly support her choice.

Now, both my wife and I come from upper class families.

The only difference is that my parents grew up under Communism, so I was thought the value of money from a young age.

My wife did not have such an upbringing.

Her lifestyle and hobbies scream “rich person.” Especially her gaming habits. When she had her job this wasn’t much of an issue.

Things have changed…

But now it’s seems she is out of savings and has been asking me for more money.

I asked her clearly is it for book research? She said no so I told her no, she can make due with what she has.

She seemed ok with it at first.

But, now she’s passively joking that I’m a financially controlling *******.

What’s bothering me more is she’s doing it in front of the kids, 5f, 3m.”

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This is a tough one.

I notice he conveniently left out who is caring for their young kids during the day.

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