May 11, 2024 at 6:28 pm

Baseball Fan Calls Out The Insanely Overpriced $30 Combos That People Face When At The Ballpark

by Michael Levanduski

Source: Tiktok/@jessepollock22

In past generations, going out to a baseball game was a fun and affordable option for families.

Today, on the other hand, you have to be part of the upper class to be able to afford to go see your favorite sports teams. Especially if you want to enjoy a hotdog, beer, or even Crackerjacks!

Source: TikTok/@jessepollock22

TikToker  found this out the hard way when he went to see the Toronto Blue Jays and decided to visit the concession stand. Of course, he knew that food prices at baseball games have been doing up for some time, but he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that a footlong hotdog and a soda would run him over $30!

“The price for food…Is ACTUALLY outrageous” he said.

Source: Tiktok/@jessepollock22

“$30 for chicken tenders. $30 for a footlong hotdog. $27 for tacos. $18 for a beer.”

These insane prices are in addition to the cost of tickets. What used to be a fun day at the ballpark for a family now almost requires a second mortgage!

Fortunately, there was one thing on the menu that is still affordable. “Schneiders $1 Hotdogs!”

That’s right, you can still get a regular size hotdog (with no drink, of course) for just a dollar.

Source: Tiktok/@jessepollock22

I think just about everyone can share in his frustration. Food prices are bad enough in everyday life, but at a sporting event, it is downright ridiculous!

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Here’s what other people thought of the clip.

I’ve got to agree with this comment, sports games are no longer affordable!

Source: TikTok/@jessepollock22

I almost hate to think about it, but just look at that price difference between the ballpark and Sam’s Club! Ouch!

Source: TikTok/@jessepollock22

Maybe this commenter has the right idea. If we all stop buying the overpriced food, they’ll have to drop the prices! Right?

Source: TikTok/@jessepollock22

While there’s nothing quite like a live sporting event, I think we can all agree that the prices at the concession stand are getting out of hand!

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