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Mom Thinks Her Son Is Taking Advantage Of His Girlfriend Because She Cares For His Child, But He Pushes Back And Says She’s Helping Because She Wants To

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Parents know best…

Well, they usually do

Because they’ve been there and done that LONG before we showed up, friends.

So their advice is usually right on the money.

But this mom is having some doubts about what she said to her son about his relationship.

Take a look at what she had to say and see if you think she was out of line.

AITA for telling my son that I think he’s taking advantage of his girlfriend?

“My 59F son 23M has a baby with his ex girlfriend. The child is two. She baby trapped him and it was a very toxic relationship.

There was a massive issue with the paternity of my grandson but I’m very proud of how he dealt with the situation. He never stopped loving and caring for the child, usually on his own, even when he wasn’t sure if the baby was his.

Things have been looking up.

Now, my son is dating a much nicer girl, Grace (19F). She is the best friend of my youngest son (20M).

Grace loves children. She adores my grandson and often calls him ‘her baby’.

My grandson likes her too and it’s very adorable.

I’ve known Grace for a long time and I think she’s just perfect.

There’s a problem…

The issue is, my son has started to give her a lot of child care responsibilities. My grandson’s biological mother is hardly involved and my son is usually co-parenting with her parents instead of her so we have our grandson for most of the time.

Once, Grace spent the night in hospital with my grandson while my son was studying for an exam and it seems like her life is slowly starting to revolve around my grandson and his naps, his feeding schedule etc. Every free moment she has from college and work is spent with my grandson.

I don’t want interfere but I’m going to be realistic, they have only been together for a year and what if they don’t work out?

Then my grandson will be attached to someone he won’t see anymore. Additionally, she is very young and needs to live her life instead of being a mom so young.

Last week, my grandson was sick and my son had returned from work to come check on him. Grace was cuddling him at this point as she had been with him the whole day.


My son tried to take him but he wanted to stay with Grace, so she said she would stay up with him and call out of work the next day.

This is also not the first time she’s missed work or school to care for my grandson.

Grace took him upstairs and my husband made a comment about how my son didn’t need to try so hard with his ex anymore to get her to parent when Grace was right here ‘being his mother’.

My son then said Grace was a godsend because without her he’d ‘get no sleep’.

She decided to speak up.

I took him aside and told him that I thought he was taking advantage of her and her time.

He asked me what I meant and I told him that at 19, he was partying and having a blast every weekend but Grace was busy caring for a sick child that wasn’t even hers.

I pointed out that she was missing out on work and school for him and my son got mad and accused me of calling him abusive.

He also said that it was good she wasn’t partying because it wasn’t ’good or safe’ anyway. He then took Grace and his son back to his place and hasn’t let me see my grandson since.

My husband thinks I was out of line because Grace is helping our son through something difficult and I’m starting to feel bad.

My son wants an apology and he wants me to promise not to bring this up to Grace and give her any ideas.”

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This is a tough one, but if she really loves the son and wants to help him out… let them live their lives.

Still, the mom has a good point. But what her son was doing when he was her age doesn’t always apply to everybody.

Having a more simple life is just fine for some people.

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