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She Leaves Baking Leftovers For Her Building, But After A Kid Took Something He Was Allergic To She Stopped. Now The Kid’s Mom Says She’s Being Painted As A Villain.

by Trisha Leigh

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Who wouldn’t want to live in an apartment complex with a woman who gave away free baked goods on the regular?

No one, right?

Which is why the neighborhood was up in arms when the free treats disappeared.

But who’s to blame?

Decide to for yourself and take a look at the story from Reddit.

AITA for telling anyone who asks why I don’t bake for our hall anymore?

Hi. I really like baking as a hobby.

I don’t believe in food waste but I don’t often want to eat all the stuff I make, the best way I can describe it is that I love to bake but when it comes to eating I’m just like meh.

I’m not sure how to describe it.

Anyways I normally give my baked goods to friends and family.

She started putting them out in the apartment’s common room and it seemed people were happy about it.

The tradition we have started when my brother said he couldn’t come over to pick up a coconut cupcake pan because he’s busy.

I didn’t plan for space in my fridge to keep the cupcake and awkwardly left them in the apartment’s common room (with permission from the security guard of course).

I left a note saying the cupcakes were free to whoever with my apartment number on it (the security guard said I had to)

That started this semi tradition of me putting whatever extra goods I have on a free table in the lobby area.

Others started to do it a little too. It has worked well so far. I like the environment it has created.

Until one day, a mom showed up at her door and accused her of poisoning her kiddo, who had an allergy.

Problem came one of the neighbors knocked on my door.

She introduced herself, said she’s from another apartment floor and that she, in a visibly upset way, was very unhappy with me leaving unattended food out.

One of her kids, allergic to peanuts, had some of my peanut butter brownies.

I got very nervous hearing this and apologized.

She helped pay for the hospital trip and stopped putting out baked goods.

She said it was fine but wanted me to pay part of the cost of getting her child help. I asked if we could talk it out and she agreed.

I agreed to pay for the cab she took back and forth to the hospital which I know if getting off easy for what happened.

I apologized again and she said all was fine but to please be extra careful.

Since then I don’t leave any food out at all because that situation made me nervous. I know it wasn’t the worst that could’ve happened but still.

When a neighbor asked, she told them she was worried after the “allergy incident.”

My hall neighbor, let’s call her Lily, asked if I was okay, noticing that it’s been a while since I put anything out.

I just told her that after what happened with the peanut butter allergy issue I don’t feel comfortable doing that anymore in case something like that happened again.

Now, I didn’t know lily knew who I was talking about just based on saying the allergy issue. Specifically, they knew which kid I was talking about because they saw him take some.

Now the mom of the allergy kid is getting the cold shoulder and blames our friendly neighborhood baker.

I guess lily spread the word around because I got a knock from the lady again and she asked why I told everyone to blame her.

I explained that I did not blame or tell anyone to blame her in anyway.

One of our neighbors asked why the tradition died off and I only said because of the allergy incident but I never mentioned specifics like who it was/how they looked etc.

She’s mad and says I did that purposefully and will be speaking to the landlord to make a report.

I apologized again and said I swear I did not mean for this to happen but she stormed off. I’m not exactly sure what to do know.

I don’t hold anything against her or the kid and I’m pretty mad at lily rn. AITA?

Is she wrong to do that? Let’s find out!

The top comment says the mom is way out of line.

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While this person wonders what she should have said instead?

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This is not our poster’s problem.

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They say she already has given them more grace than required.

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She’s being bullied and thinks its her fault!

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This is 100% the mother’s fault.

And I say that as someone who has an allergy and who is the mom of someone who has an allergy.

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