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She Offered To Pay Her Portion Of The Bill On A Double Date, But Her Entitled Roommate Insists The Men Pay For Them

by Ryan McCarthy

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There’s a common, but now controversial custom that a man must always cover the bill on a dinner date with his partner.

But this custom is from a different time, and not all women today expect to everything to be paid for by their partner, especially considering how many families have women as their breadwinners!

So when a girl unabashedly demands the man pick up every bill, it can be a bit of a red flag for some men who don’t hold that same belief.

Unfortunately for this user’s roommate, thats exactly what happened when she disagreed with OP and demanded the men cover all the drinks on a double date, only to get dumped later that night!

Was OP wrong to speak her mind? See for yourself!

AITA for agreeing to split the bill on a double date which ended in my best friend being dumped?

Hi! I (22f) am really unsure here. My best friend and roommate (22f) Amiee had been seeing a guy for two months. She really likes him, it seemed to be going super well.

Last night, she asked if I’d go along with a blind double date (ie. her and the guy she’s dating, me and one of his friends who is single and looking).

I wasn’t keen at first but she insisted, so I agreed. We got to the restaurant, just a nice place in our area, and things seemed to be going fine.

The friend she was “setting me up with” was cool, but I really am not looking right now and didn’t feel any kind of spark.

But when it time to pay the bill, OP realized her and Aimee had different expectations on who would be paying for their drinks…

We get to the end of dinner and the bill comes. Aimee chimes in and says “don’t worry, our men have got this” to which I say back, “ah, no I don’t mind”.

We’d had two cocktails each (all four of us) and it wasn’t a crazy expensive place but not cheap.

A bit of back and forth happened, Aimee kept insisting it is always the gentlemen who pay, so I said something like, “you do you, I’m happy to split”.

The guys were saying they would cover but both seemed uncomfortable.

Apparently, OP’s willingness to cover her portion of the bill threw Aimee’s boyfriend for a loop!

They paid, then we all left. Aimee and her boyfriend went back to his, I said good night to his friend and went home alone.

Later, Aimee texted saying her man is now contemplating the relationship because he doesn’t want someone who always insists the men pay.

She told me I ruined it by offering to split and should’ve sided with her, and not made things worse.

She’s now saying he needs time and might not want to continue the relationship with her. AITA for this?

But this story wasn’t over, as OP returned with a shocking update!

Update: Aimee still isn’t talking to me, you could cut glass with the tension in our place right now. She and the guy aren’t talking either.

I’m trying hard here, but another week and maybe the friendship has run its course, honestly. Sensing a lot more underlying issues that can only come from communication, but hey.

Update #2: I’m now not a girls girl because I didn’t back her, without being told I should or given any kind of heads up. Friendship is effectively over, and I am looking to move out

Final Update: Aimee is now trying to apologise because she can’t afford the rent on her own or get someone else to move in on such short notice.

I feel horrible but know I need to be around supportive people, thanks again to everyone 🙂

Wow! Seems like those two drinks being more expensive than Aimee thought, because they ended up costing her not only her relationship but her living situation too!

Reddit said OP was by no means in the wrong, and that Aimee was just looking for someone to blame for the consequences of her own actions!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user said the couple’s respective incomes can also play into who pays the bills, like it does with his girlfriend.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This commenter said if getting her meals paid for was something she expected in a relationship, than she should have made that clear with the man before dating him!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user said regardless of how outdated the man always paying is, the bill should always be discussed beforehand so there’s no confusion.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Hope those two drinks were worth it Aimee!

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