May 12, 2024 at 12:11 am

She Worked All Day Cooking A Birthday Meal For Her Husband And Sons. They Ate Without Her And Now Her Husband Thinks She’s “Too Sensitive” For Being Upset.

by Abby Jamison

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Some people truly don’t appreciate what they have, and it shows!

This mom worked all day and cooked dinner for her family, only for them to leave her out.

Let’s hear all the details…

AITA? Cooked bday dinner for husband, he ate it with kids while I was still working now he’s mad that I’m upset

I work from home 11-7:30. Today was my husband’s birthday so I cooked him dinner in between meetings and on breaks.

We have 4 grown children, 23-29, 2 are in school and 2 work full time.

This is where it gets sticky…

When our son got home at 5:30 he asked my husband if dinner would be ready soon, otherwise he was going out to pick something up for himself.

My husband told him I had made dinner and they would eat at 6:30.

So he and all the kids ate his birthday dinner while I worked and were long finished when I was done.

This didn’t sit well with her…

My husband says I’m too sensitive and my feelings shouldn’t be hurt, but I’m the only reason he had a dinner or cake or anything.

AITA because I feel they should have waited til I got off work to eat so I could be part of the celebration?

This is not the first time…

Let’s see what Reddit thinks about this one.

This commenter questions their family structure.

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This Reddit user makes a good point.

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Several commenters had great suggestions.

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Overall, users agreed that Mom needs to let her family take care of themselves.

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No one is more underappreciated than a mother!

Hopefully this woman starts getting the respect she deserves.

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