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Teenager’s Outrageous Uncle Criticizes His Mowing, So He Lets Him Make A Mowing Error And Cashed In On His Mistake

by Ryan McCarthy

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We all have that one family member that finds a way to grinds our gears, no matter what situation we find ourselves in with them.

It’s like they wake up each morning with the sole intention to be a menace to you, and they always seem to be lurking just around the corner to stick their nose right into your business.

But especially when you’re young, there’s not exactly a lot you can do in return without being accused of acting disrespectfully by your parents!

That’s why stories like these, where someone is able to stick it to their annoying family member and get rewarded for it, are so satisfying to read!

Because when this user’s infuriating uncle criticized how he was mowing the lawn, OP let him change the settings, knowing his parents would only have to pay for him to mow the lawn again!

Check it out!

Mowing with my uncle around

Here is a small one. For some backstory, I (17m) mow the yard every week. I get paid 25 dollars to do it, and it generally isn’t that big of a deal.

My uncle is a douchebag and I hate being near him. He will yell at me for the smallest things, and I get extreme anxiety around him.

Well today my uncle was over, and it is mowing day. I told my family that I wanted to wait until tomorrow to mow, and they said no.

My family also wanted the grass cut lower than usual, which I started to do.

Unsurprisingly, OP’s uncle had some notes for his mowing performance.

Then, my uncle came over and started yelling at me for cutting it too low, and raised the cutter.

He put it higher than the last time I mowed. Cue the malicious compliance.

I started to mow the entire yard and weed eat/weed whack the entire yard. When I came back inside I told my family about what my uncle said.

And OP said if his family wanted him to mow again to the height they wanted, it was gonna cost them extra!

I told them I was too afraid to say no to him because be would yell at me.

I also told them that they would either have to deal with increased grass height, or pay me extra to go over it again.

They told me to go over it again and they will give me extra, which I did. Thanks to them not listening I got 45$ instead of the usual 25$.

I guess for once, OP’s uncle’s atrocious attitude actually did some good for OP! But honestly, even for the extra money, I wouldn’t want to mow the lawn again!

Reddit loved that OP got paid for his pettiness, with many offering him advice for how to handle outrageous family members like his uncle.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But some thought that even after being paid twice, he had still been cheated out of what he owed!

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user shared a quote from a former first lady about not letting bullies like his uncle affect OP’s self-esteem.

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And finally, this person wondered why OP’s lawn was any of his uncle’s business in the first place!

Source: Reddit/AITA

I like this cut of this kid’s jib!

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