May 28, 2024 at 10:36 am

‘The prices are on the menu!’ – Frustrated Server Tells People To Look At The Cost Of What They’re Ordering Instead Of Freaking Out When They Get The Bill

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@amuck_indstrl

I’m sure its happened to all of us once or twice. You’re at a restaurant, drinks are flowing, everyone’s having a good time….

Until the bill arrives. And you start remembering that each of those cocktails you ordered were 18 dollars.

And that cheese board you got for the table? Well you might just be surprised to learn the “market price.”

But it’s not like there’s anything to argue about, I mean you ordered the food and ate it, didn’t you?

Well apparently TikTok user @amuck_indstrl’s customers didn’t see things the same way, because when they got the bill for their two glasses of wine, they were ready to square up!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@amuck_indstrl

He starts his video with a take I think every server can relate to!

“You guys, if you can’t afford to go out, stay home! Or at least pay attention to what you’re ordering!”

I’m with him, I can’t remember how many times people would be shocked by the price of their on the bill, but had no problem when the price was listed on the menu!

Source: TikTok/@amuck_indstrl

His anger was sparked by one couple in particular who he had waited on that night.

“The guy gets a 6oz glass of wine, but his wife gets a 9oz of a nicer glass of wine. And then nicer glass of wine costs 21 bucks.”

That was all that the couple, who stayed at the table for a considerable amount of time, ordered, but Amuck said he didn’t mind that at all.

Source: TikTok/@amuck_indstrl

What he did mind was the outrage that the man had when he finally saw the bill for their two glasses of wine!

“When the guy gets mad at me and starts trying to argue, I’m like bro I just work here! I don’t make the prices! Look at the menu the prices are listed!”

Exactly, as if Amuck is sitting in the back of house with a whiteboard calculating how much to charge you for each glass of wine!

Check out his video for yourself!


Server Problems Dont get mad at the server because you didnt check the price on what your order. If you go out to a nice restaurant; be expecting the prices to be a bit higher. Dont get mad at the server and complain because you wernt paying attention to the menu; keep in mind they pointed at the wine they wanted ON THE MENU but didnt check the price??

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Most of TikTok was on his side, but this particularly sensitive man didn’t appreciate being told he couldn’t afford it!

Source: TikTok/@amuck_indstrl

Others thought that customers have been seriously lacking in common sense.

Source: TikTok/@amuck_indstrl

And this server said there’s no way to win with price, because people will be mad whether you tell them or not!

Source: TikTok/@amuck_indstrl

Finally, this user just wanted to make sure Amuck got paid what he was due!

Source: TikTok/@amuck_indstrl

Moral of the story? Get your money up not your funny up!

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