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Their Car Got Sideswiped By A Neighbor, So They Called the Cops. Now They Feel Guilty For Putting Their Neighbor On The Spot.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Have you ever called the cops on one of your neighbors before?

I personally have not, but there’s a first time for everything, right?

So you never know…

And this person wants to know if they took things too far when they did such a thing.

Check out what happened!

AITA: Was I wrong to file a police report on my neighbor?

“Tonight a bunch of my neighbors called me out to tell me my car had been sideswiped, along with another car in front of me.

They saw the car leave. I thought I had to no other option than to call it into my own insurance in the morning. Then some other neighbors came out and pointed out another car down the street parked in front of a neighbor I pass by all the time.

What do you know?!?!

They said it was that car that hit my car. I walk down there and there’s a party on the front lawn, I see the car and the damage to the front and I ask them who the car belongs to and if they saw the accident, they all said no. It was apparently really loud and the whole street heard it happen.

Then as I’m inspecting the damaged car the neighbor finally comes out and says “we will take care of it” and I was like “take care of what?”. He said it was his car and I asked who was driving and if I could talk to whoever was driving.

He said the guy wasn’t there and proceeded to say he’ll come see me in the morning and take care of it. I said fine and walked back but my neighbors were still congregating and said I need to file a police report if I can’t get any information from the guy.

Let’s try this again.

I went back and talked to the guy and explained I really need the info or at least meet the guy that was driving or I need to file a report and I really didn’t want to do that but I needed something.

He kept saying I should trust him and I told him it’s not that I don’t want to trust him but it also doesn’t help that he denied it when I initially asked and only came forward when I found his car.

I said I wasnt angry I just wanted to know what happened . He said it was some young guys in the house but he didn’t wanna go interrogate.

The truth finally came out.

I ended up calling the police to file a report and he and his wife came out when the police came and said it was his wife that was driving and didn’t want to confess because she was scared.

I feel so terrible for calling the cops cause I see this neighbor all the time. We don’t speak but we do say hi. I told my father afterward and he said I did the right thing because they could deny it in the morning or the suspect’s car could be gone.

He said if they were honest people they should have confessed in the beginning when he saw people coming out of their houses to see what happened. Also turns out the car in front of mine that got damaged belonged to one of their guests.

Mine was door damage and a missing mirror but theirs was in the back corner and wheel that seems like it’ll be a totaled car.

But I still feel guilty.

Did I jump the gun by filling a police report?”

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I mean… I would have called the cops too.

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