May 6, 2024 at 11:31 am

Their Toxic Boss Was Incredibly Horrible To Them, So They Signed Her Up For Hundreds Of Emails And Phone Calls From Salespeople

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

If you work at a place of business and you’re treated like dirt, what are you supposed to do on the way out the door?

Well, this person had their own ideas about how to handle things and you better believe they followed through on it.

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Treat your employees like garbage? Enjoy an extra 100+ emails a day.

“I’m finally leaving my toxic job for a better opportunity.


My narcissistic boss treats everyone under her like **** and is generally rude, condescending, and miserable to work for.

We work in a field where we are constantly bombarded by salespeople, many of whom are extremely persistent and borderline rude.

I sometimes get over 100 emails a day from such salespeople (not to mention phone calls) but I have specific rules set up in my Outlook so that they mostly go straight to my junk folder.


My boss is not so good at Outlook or technology in general, so she does not know how to do this.

She would often scream at me to find emails for her because somehow she could not even figure out how the Search function worked.

When I resigned, she told me to notify “every representative I am regularly in contact with” that I am leaving and that she is the new point of contact until they find a replacement for me.

I’ve spent the last week providing each and every salesperson with her email and direct dial. Good luck getting rid of those!”

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