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A Group Of Older People Asked Her Change Seats In A Coffee Shop, But She Decided To Stay Put Because The Seat Was Too Comfy

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@norevisions

I guess I can kind of see where this woman is coming from

When you get that primo spot in a coffee shop, you hang on for dear life!

Was she rude for refusing to move?

Read on and see what you think…

AITA for refusing to move from a comfy chair in a coffee shop?

“I (23f) recently moved to a new place and am getting to know my neighborhood. A week ago I found a small coffee shop with great cake. So yesterday I went for a coffee. I freelance so I set my own hours.

The coffee shop is relatively small, with under 10 tables available. I sat at the most comfortable looking chair in the shop, one of four chairs at the biggest table. I was a little into my drink and cake when a group of 4 middle-aged people asked me if I could move so they could sit together there.


All 4 were on the larger side and I could understand how they would be uncomfortable on other seats in the shop. The one I was sitting in had high back, arm rests and was plush with soft leather. I, however, would also like to sit comfortably. I told them they were free to take the other three chairs and pull an extra one to the table.

They told me they had something to discuss among themselves and would appreciate if I move. Again, I told them I like the chair and I was there first so I would not move.

Sorry, folks!

They grumbled about selfish youngsters, gave me the stink eye, and asked the shop to make their orders to go.

When I told my family about this, my mom told me it was selfish of me to take a table for 4 when I was there by myself.


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I guess some people get REALLY attached to certain seats…

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