June 7, 2024 at 1:36 pm

A Neighbor Complained About Them Leaving Their Trash Cans Outside, So They Put Them In Their Garage And Left The Doors Open Instead

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Why do people get so worked up about trash cans?

I’ll never understand it!

But you know how people can be…total psychos!

Check out how this person dealt with a nosey neighbor…

You don’t like the sight of my trash bins in front of my house? Ok sure.

“We just recently bought a house and moved in, I’m talking less than 2 months since we signed the papers.

What’s this?

A couple days ago, we got a letter in the mail, no return address.

The gist of the letter was just just a piece of paper stating what we can’t do with our house (no building non permanent buildings, no trailers or RVs to be parked on the roadway, etc).

Highlighted on the paper was a line stating “all trash must be put in metal or plastic bins, and must be put in the garage or behind the fence”.

I was worried and honestly a bit confused. We have no HOA (homeowners association, for those who don’t know) so I was wondering why we were receiving this letter when there shouldn’t really be anyone enforcing it or fining us.

It honestly didn’t make any sense so I decided to text my next door neighbor to see what they made of it.

Now they figured it out…

Long story short, they explained that the neighbor across the street from us is a huge stickler for the rules and is probably the one who printed out that paper, highlighted the section, and sent it to us without the return address so that we wouldn’t know who it was.

There are a few houses on our street that have their bins outside their house so it’s pretty obvious the person who sent us the letter just doesn’t like looking at it through their front window.

Here we go…

Cue malicious compliance.

We have a home gym in our garage and didn’t want to put it inside because of the space but decided to move things around just for this compliance.

SO and I agreed that the best way to comply is to push the bins in 4 feet so that it’s in the garage.

However, we’re going to leave the garage door open all day every day we’re home so that they still have to look at it. Can’t say much now, can they?”

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How do you like the view now?

I’m guessing they wish they’d never asked.

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