June 11, 2024 at 5:46 pm

Ex-Boyfriend Treated Her Like His Babysitter While He’s Out Cheating, But She Gets Back At Him On The Flight Home With A Surprise Upgrade

by Ashley Ashbee

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It’s no fun being used, especially when he cheats on you while you’re babysitting his kid.

And when you’re all away on holiday no less!

See what she did next.

Hint: it’s very satisfying.

AITA for leaving my ex to sit and take care of his child and taking a business class upgrade to myself?

I (30f) have been dating “Matt” (33m) for about a year. Matt has a kid we’ll call “Alex” from his first relationship.

The kid is under 2 yo. Every now and then I used to look after Alex when Matt was at work.

We decided to go on holiday for 10 days at the start of May and due to some family drama, Alex had to go with us.

The flights were over 8 hours long and I have booked the tickets for all of us.

During the flight and the holiday I have spent nearly all my time was spent looking after Alex while Matt had the time of his life.

Well, that’s awkward…

Some things came to my attention (he was still seeing his ex) which resulted in us breaking up at the end of our stay.

On the flight back we were all sitting together.

A flight attendant approached us and asked my ex if he wanted an upgrade to the business class.

Fortunately, a sweet escape reveals itself.

Before he could say anything I mentioned I bought the tickets and used my own account to pay for them, so an upgrade should go to me.

The flight attendant was trying to argue at first as she assumed Alex was my child, but I told her that’s not the case and ended up having an upgrade so I can relax after spending all this time looking after Alex.

After the flight Matt, a few other passengers who assumed I am the mum as well as some family members and friends called me an ******* for not giving the upgrade to Matt.

Here’s what people are saying.

Well, she’s the woman. It’s her job! (Rolls eyes)

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That IS lucky. He’s got quite a nerve.

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Haha that’s one way to make things clear!

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It’s a metaphor, but yes! This is memoir-level stuff.

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People are nosy for some reason. I don’t get it.

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She should have two glasses of the sparkling wine.

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