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He Asked His Neighbor If She’d Cook For Him If He Paid Her, But She Told Him There’s No Way That’s Going To Happen

by Matthew Gilligan

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Would you ask someone who’s pretty much a stranger to make you some food out of the blue?

Yeah, it’s kinda weird, right?

Well, at least I thought it was!

But now it’s your turn to check out this Reddit story to see if you think this guy did anything wrong.

Start now!

AITA for asking a neighbor if she wanted to share food?

“I’m a 31 year old single guy who lives alone in an apartment complex.

I’ve lived there for 6 years. My neighbor across the hall, a woman around my age or a little younger (I actually don’t know her first name but I’ll call her Katie) lives across the hall from me diagonally and has for about 2 years. We exchange hellos but aren’t friendly, which is how it is with most of my neighbors.

He’s in a bit of a pickle…

So I don’t know how to cook, and due to losing one of my part time gigs, I don’t have as much money for takeout anymore. I’m getting really sick of eating cheap fast food or box mac and cheese. I’m gaining weight and I never feel great.

This is where Katie comes in. I can always smell her cooking in the hall and it always smells amazing (I know it isn’t the other person at our end of our hall cause it’s a single old man). I’ve even complimented it a few times.

So I got the idea that I’d offer to give her some money each week to cook a little extra and bring it over to me (or I can pick it up from her!) at night. She’s cooking anyway and then I’d have varied presumably delicious food.

That didn’t go well…

I asked her the next time I saw her and she looked surprised and said she couldn’t because she was too busy (which didn’t make sense cause she cooks almost every day but okay).

The next time I saw her a few days later, I asked her if she was sure and upped the amount I was offering, and she said she was sure and that it was rude to ask me, and that she isn’t a housekeeper for hire and I should get a housekeeper if that’s what I want.

She also called me ‘a stranger’ even though we have talked in the halls before.

He’s bummed out about this.

Overall she made me feel like a big jerk and really embarrassed for even asking her, and a little mad because she was acting like I was being creepy (I wasn’t, trust me, she isn’t my type).

I think asking her to split cooking wasn’t completely outlandish, since she cooks every day anyway and it wouldn’t be hard to make a little more.

So, AITA?”

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Dude, learn to cook…

For real…

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