June 6, 2024 at 5:51 am

HOA Sends Him A Warning Letter Over His “Project Car,” So He Decided To Park It In Front Of The Neighborhood Entrance

by Sarrah Murtaza


Some people can be so clever in finding their ways around obstacles that they may even go around to inquire for a mere parking spot.

This guy wasn’t allowed to park his car on his street so instead, he did it on the main entrance and found that to be legally correct.

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The HOA doesn’t like my project car, so I’ve decided to park it legally in front of the neighborhood’s grand entrance.

For context, my family and I recently moved into a rental house while our new house is being built.

The rental is in the back of a gated community on a mostly undeveloped street.

This man was astonished at the warning letter he received!

Yesterday, I received a letter from the home owner’s association informing me that I’m not in compliance of the “strictly enforced by towing” restriction stating that vehicles may not be parked on the street overnight.

In the letter was a picture of my project car (old BMW) parked beside our house on the street.

He inquired about the rules and found out there were worst things in the list!

I decided to look up the HOA’s restrictions (which I haven’t seen before since I’m a renter) and discovered I’m living in HOA h***.

The street parking rule is just the beginning of a long list of restrictions including one warranting a hefty fine for “leaving the garage door open when not in use”.

This came as a huge surprise since several of my neighbors have parked their cars on the street without problem since I’ve lived here, so I assumed it was okay.

As it turns out, the neighborhood might have conspired against this guy..

I can only imagine that they’ve singled me out because my car is 30 years old, however, in my defense, it’s very presentable and by no means junky.

Being singled out made me incredibly frustrated to the point where I started doing legal research.

He then found out how he could get rebellious against these rules, and that too, legally!

It turns out my HOA has every right to tow my project car since it’s parked on a private street in the neighborhood.

The good news for me is that the street just outside of the neighborhood is public, and it’s 100% legal to park on it for any amount of time.

Unfortunately for the HOA, the closest section of public street to my rental house is right in front of their nice gated entrance.

Ironically, my old BMW has now become part of their image, and there’s nothing they can do about it until I move out in a few months.

He made a comeback that no one of them saw coming..

My new HOA threatened to tow my project car.

My compliance was to legally park it just outside of the neighborhood directly in front of the main gated entrance.

It can be pretty annoying living under an HOA but this guy found his way around it.

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No one likes their HOA.

The key to beating them seems to be reading the rules yourself.

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