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Her Neighbor Accused Her Of Feeding Her Children “Bad” Food, So She Slammed The Door On Her Face

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/Pexels

Sometimes, you can have all but good intentions toward others.

You can do them favors and be genuinely caring and yet, some people would still be ungrateful towards you.

Today’s story is about a lady who did her new neighbor a favor and yet the new neighbor came over and yelled at her for giving her children “bad” food.

Let’s see what happened!

AITA for not giving my neighbor’s kids “good food”?

So I know that this is really stupid but some of my friends told me that I’m in the wrong here.

To get started, here’s our cast:

Me (F, 38) Neighbor (F, 32) My Husband (M, 39) Kid 1 (M, 8) Kid 2 (M, 7) My kid (F, 8)

My neighbor moved in not to long ago with her two sons.

Seeing that she had a lot of unpacking to do, I went over to her house and offered to babysit her kids for her.

She thanked me, and walked her kids over to my house.

I kept some of my son’s toys from when he was younger (he has moved out already) and set them up in my yard.

That’s sweet of this lady, she took care of the boys for a decently long time.

My daughter is fairly extroverted and immediately went outside to play with them.

It was around noon at that time, so I started to make lunch. I made some turkey sandwiches with American cheese.

A simple lunch that we always have.

Considering she fed her daughter and the boys the same thing, you wouldn’t think there was some injustice there..

I brought out some plates so that the kids could eat outside on our benches.

The kids loved it and 30 minutes later the sandwiches were gone and they were back playing soccer and tag.

A few hours later the neighbor’s kids and my child marched inside and sat down, tired.

I put on some cartoons and told them I would be right back as I left to go get the neighbor to pick up her children.

The neighbor seemed grateful at first for all the favors but then..

She looked tired, but was happy that she didn’t have to deal with little boys running around while she unpacked. She came over, and took her boys.

By this time my husband was parking in our driveway, home from work.

My daughter had a fun time telling her father all about her day while I ordered pizza on my phone.

About 5 minutes later, while I was still asking what everyone wanted, I hear a knock on my door.

It was the neighbor!

We can tell there’s trouble ahead!

I thought she was going to thank me again, but she got angry and shouted at me.

The following is some basic dialogue from what I can remember, though this did happen a few weeks ago:

Me: Oh, hey (neighbor).

Neighbor: look, we NEED to talk right now.

Me: Oh, sure. What do you need?

Neighbor: Well, my sons told me that you gave them sandwiches for lunch?

Me: Yes, I did. They really li-

Neighbor: well that is NOT enough for my boys. They’re growing boys, and they need to have GOOD food, and not whatever you gave them.

Me: Really?

Neighbor: Yes.

Me: No.

And I shut the door in her face.

This seemed like a decent reaction from someone who’s been babysitting a stranger’s children for the whole day!

My daughter didn’t really hear any of our conversation, but she asked me. I just told her that the neighbor didn’t like sandwiches.

She didn’t bother to ask further and watched some shows in her room.

Her husband was supportive enough about the ordeal.

My husband just laughed, and so did I.

Her closest friends however, had a very opposing opinion of the event.

The lady got mad that I fed food to her sons for FREE, right

But as it turns out, three of my close friends told me that I was rude and I should have just given them something better.

We had mashed potatoes and some leftover pork that wouldn’t take more than 29 minutes to heat up and serve, but I didn’t feel like giving them that.

I don’t see the problem with what I did, but I trust my friends and I want to know if I should apologize.

So Reddit, AITA?

This girl tried doing something sweet and favorable for the neighbor but she received it rather unpleasantly.

Let’s check out what folks on Reddit had to say about it.

This person had a better reply than just closing the door shut!

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This person got mislead while they were reading the story

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This person has some strong feelings against the neighbor!

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This person thinks the girl’s friends are the problem

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Another person thinks the girl’s friends are absurd!

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Well it seems like the world no longer appreciates the good people do as favors.

This new neighbor clearly ruined her chances at having a sweet friendship with this girl!

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