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Rude Neighbor Kept Insisting That She Was Only Renting Her Home, So She Proved That She Was The Owner And Had The Police Take Her Off The Property

by Michael Levanduski


Good neighbors can be a real blessing, but bad ones are absolutely a curse.

The neighbor in this story would not believe that OP actually owned the house she was living in and kept harassing her about it.

While OP tried to be patient, eventually the police had to get involved.

Let’s see exactly what happened.

AITA for proving I’m the owner of my home?

I [20f] was fortunate enough to buy a house. For only being 15k, I have to say its quite nice.

It didn’t really need much work besides a new roof and the cabinets needed replaced but my dad is a carpenter so that didn’t really matter much.

The previous owner was an older man who unfortunately passed away after living in the house since before I was even thought of.

I finally got to move in 2 months ago. It’s been fun making it my own but it’s taken some time to get used to living alone.

3 weeks after moving in, I was outside starting some work clearing out a few places to plant a garden and flowers in the spring.

I live in the Midwest so I wanted to get this done before the ground freezes.

The neighbor seems nice (if not a little weird) at first.

My next door neighbor, I’ll call her Jane(50s?), came out and introduced herself.

I explained that I just moved in and was preparing my yard for spring.

She said it was nice that someone was doing some work for the old man and gave me a spiel about how it’s a quiet neighborhood and I shouldn’t have parties.

Why would it be weird to have a housewarming party, even if she were just renting?

I told her I don’t throw parties but was planning on hosting a housewarming and Thanksgiving soon.

She said it’s weird to throw a housewarming when I was renting. I told her I own the house.

She didn’t believe me but went home.

Oh boy, some neighbors can’t mind their own business!

Last week, I was out painting my front door. She stormed over yelling that I better of had permission to paint someone else’s house. I again told her I own the home.

She started yelling that I was too young to buy a house and she was contacting my landlord. I told her to stop being a busy body and leave me alone.

She started demanding proof. I told her it was non of her business and to get off my property.

She walked to the edge of her yard and called the police saying I was a squatter.

I’m sure the police loved having their time wasted like this.

When they showed up, I showed them my paperwork and asked to trespass her from my home. Jane is still angry.

I was talking to my dad the next day asking what I should do.

He said I was an ass for making enemies with my neighbors and said I should have just showed her to put her mind to rest.

I don’t feel like I was in the wrong but my dad thinks I was.


On the one hand, it might have been faster and easier to just show her neighbor the paperwork to begin with.

On the other hand, she is not obligated to show some random neighbor her papers just to be left alone.

I would say she is NTA for sure, and her dad should be more supportive.

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Exactly. Tell the neighbor politely, but firmly, that she is no longer welcome on her property.

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Yeah, this neighbor seems to be a busybody and was going to find a way to cause problems from the beginning.

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This is almost certainly true. The neighbor wouldn’t believe her no matter what.

Source: Reddit/AITAH

Some people are just trying to get their neighbors to hate them.

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