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Her Neighbor Wouldn’t Mind Her Own Business So She Blew Up At Her. Now She’s Regretting Losing Her Temper.

by Matthew Gilligan

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It’s a fact of life…some people just can’t mind their own business!

And this woman is really dealing with that phenomenon with her neighbor…so she decided to put her in her place.

But did she go too far?

Read on and see what you think…

AITA for being incredibly mean to my neighbor?

“I’m (30f) not going to go into detail but my nephew Luke (10) has very angry and aggressive behaviour.

I know what’s going on with him and am working on it.

This is a tough situation.

I have custody of my nephew and I know I said we’re working on it, but it’s really hard.

I love him to bits but I think I’ve cried more in this past year that I ever have before.

My neighbor is convinced that I have to be more strict and discipline him better.

That’s really not the case but I simply tell her that I’ll keep her advice in mind and try to avoid her.

But yesterday was one of the harder days and I had confiscated one of my nephew’s toys until he calmed down. It was a superhero action figure.

I went out on my porch for a breather while he napped and I didn’t realize but I had brought the toy out with me.

I was sitting on the steps and the toy was next to me.

Here we go again…

My neighbor pops out of nowhere and after telling me that “the kid needs more discipline” for the hundredth time.

She grabbed the toy.

I was confused and asked if I could have it back.

She told me that he and I will be better off without it. After all, “actions have consequences.”

I told her that I don’t care and I’d like for her to give the toy back.

She patted me on the shoulder and said she knows it’s hard but it’ll work out in the end and was gonna walk away with it but I ended up yelling at her.

She snapped.

I said “give it back or else I’ll call the police and tell them that you, a 60 something year old lady, stole from a little kid.”

She gasped and was all like “I’m not 60 something I’m still in my 40s.” Keep in mind, she still has the toy.

I just went “you look 60 to me”.

I **** you not this woman starts crying and after giving (throwing) the toy back she called me incredibly rude and ran into her house.

Her partner called me later to apologize but asked if I could apologize as well since what I said was pretty rude.

I told them I’d think about it.

Now I’m wondering if I’m the ******* for how I reacted.

I did exaggerate her age to insult her which was pretty mean of me but she literally stole the toy and refused to give it back until I did.


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Hopefully, that lady learned her lesson…

But I’m willing to bet there will be more incidents in the future.

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