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Her New Boss Needs Everything Done Her Way, And Won’t Let Anyone Give Her Advice. But It’s Her Own Micromanagement That Ends Up Costing Her The Job.

by Ryan McCarthy

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There is nothing more tragic than your favorite boss leaving your job, or getting moved to a different department.

ESPECIALLY if they’re replaced by someone who you’re not a fan of!

But the worst is when the new boss comes in and tries to completely change everything that’s already working perfectly as it should!

Like when this user’s new boss tried to micromanage everything they did, only for their micromanagement to end up getting them fired!

Check it out!

Crappy boss will forever regret trying to bring the thunder.

I started working in care of the elderly before I graduated school, at age 17 as a temp worker.

After I graduated I basically worked full time for several years and finally got a steady employment at age 23.

I take pride in my job, and even though I didn’t study medical stuff I’ve always made sure I know everything I need to know to do a good job.

I accomplished this through online classes, certificates, reading up on medications, treatment recommendations etc.

And she said her full time job started off perfectly fine…

Everything was going well, despite me having 4 different bosses in the first 5 years of work.

No one wanted to be the boss here, economically speaking it’s a sinking ship since its government run and dependent on tax money.

Then Friendly Boss (Lena) joins the story. She asked me to move over to a new department the state was now – by law – obligated to provide; short term care.

Lena was the perfect boss, and let the employees do their jobs…

She had previously run the emergency care unit at the local hospital, and she didn’t take crap from anyone.

She let us workers build up and run the department because she realized that we knew our job better (because we were doing it day-to-day).

We knew what worked best for us, and she let us do it as long as we stuck within the laws, regulations, staff requirements and budget, of course.

Everything was amazing for almost 2 years, every month I did the schedules for all 15 of the workers, I did daily planning for all patients.

I was in charge of all documentation, and all new guidelines and protocols being implemented, since the care provided was brand new in our area.

But all good things must come to an end, and Lena soon announced she was leaving…

Then the day of The Great Sadness came, when Lena declared that she was leaving, since she’d been offered a job as the head chief of the local hospital.

All of us were devastated to see her go, but, I mean, good for her. That’s when Super Jerk (Kajsa) enters our story.

She was already the boss of all the normal elderly care units, where I’d worked before she was hired as boss, and we had heard exclusively bad things about her.

We heard she would always do what SHE thought was the right thing to do, which was almost exclusively wrong.

She was under-qualified, had no experience from the actual work, and was just a jerk in general.

Even in their first meeting, Kajsa certainly lived up to her reputation!

Our first staff meeting she told us “either you’re with me, or against me, and the people who are against me I drown in *local lake*”.

Ok. Great start.

I then tried to explain to her that with our previous boss we’d worked with trust..I told her Lena had an understanding that us workers actually know what works best in our own department, and Kajsa instantly shut it down.

Kajsa: “No, I’m the boss, I set the protocols, I decide how my department’s run.”

Me: “Yeah of course, but I’m just saying we’ve been working like…”

Kajsa: “NO!!!! I’M THE BOSS!!! I’M IN CHARGE!!”

And Kajsa began her campaign to change EVERYTHING at work…

And so it began. Kajsa started changing the schedules, the protocols, the staff requirements, the daily rehab schedule, the FOOD SCHEDULE (not joking btw).

She even lowered the required medical competence to work at our unit.

This means there were people working with us who; had no prior experience in the job; had no prior experience in the field; barely spoke the language, etc.

Keep in mind we had dementia evaluation, palliative care (end of life care), stroke rehabilitation and so on..

Everything she did seemed to make the quality of care worse, for the workers and the patients…

Kajsa started to try to micromanage everything we did. Literally everything.

She cancelled all the activities we did for the whole business, like pub nights for the elderly, movie nights, summer café outdoors, walks, store visits, everything.

She stated that we’re no longer allowed to finish the schedules on our own, and gave us 2 weeks less to finish them.

Which means we now have 1 week to input the schedule, try to settle it between us 15 people and then hand it to her.

She’d finish it and hand it to us the day before it went into effect, and 8/10 days shifts weren’t covered, or there were 6 people working the same weekend (supposed to be 3).

And whenever she tried to helped solve these management issues, she was shut down….

So I told Kajsa that I’ve been managing the schedule for years and was happy to keep doing it, and that she’d still have it two weeks early.


I told her that our activities were 100% within paid hours and no strain on the day-to-day normal business and we want to keep doing them.


I told her that we’d prefer to keep doing things as we’d been doing them for years, because it worked very well.


Obviously I was annoyed. So were my coworkers, but they never spoke up, that was my job I guess. There were A LOT of incidents that I’m not gonna bother bringing up.

Just imagine that anything we ever wanted to do for our patients or the people in the dementia units, or for the well-being of the staff was just.


But Kajsa’s micromanagement came back to bite her when she requested time off!

One thing that had been consistent in the ten years I worked there, is that when you apply for vacation, or any kind of leave, you input the leave request.

After that you request a temp to cover your shift, and then you inform your boss that you done both those things. Always been like that. Always.

So I did, I requested a days leave (my mum had a doctor’s thing in a town a few hours from here), I input the temp request and then I walked to boss’ office and informed her. She loses it.

Maybe because Kajsa’s boss was there? I don’t know but she starts yelling, telling me that I’M NOT ALLOWED TO REQUEST TEMPS, THAT’S HER JOB.

But she knew her outburst was only going to hurt herself, and let her dig her own grave…

I stand there and take it like a good employee, and just say “Ok. Won’t happen again.”

Big surprise for her when the next staff meeting comes around, there suddenly weren’t any staff on the actual ward.

On top of that, a local politician was sat waiting with her mother (who was being committed to my ward that day) for OVER TWO HOURS.

I wonder who made sure they were arriving at that time on that day 🙂

I told my boss’ boss exactly why there weren’t any temps scheduled for the meeting. Kajsa got fired. Will make me smile for the rest of my life.

The universe really does have a sense of humor.

Reddit was shocked at her behavior, especially this long-term care worker who couldn’t believe how Kajsa acted.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

This user said her story was a perfect example of why you promote from within.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

And this commenter said she bet Kajsa would never want to spend any time in a facility that was run the way she ran it!

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Finally, this user pointed it out that it was always the least knowledgeable people that thought they knew the most!

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

I would have thrown one of the same parties she banned when she got fired!

Good riddance!

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