June 11, 2024 at 8:35 pm

His Boss Made Him Clean Something He Was Allergic To, So He Did Knowing The Boss Would Get Fired Because Of It

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

Hey, to each their own, right?

That goes for most things in life, including if you CHOOSE to make yourself sick.

That’s what happened in this story from Reddit, and it’s a pretty wild one!

Take a look at what happened.

My BF gave himself an allergic reaction to get rid of his boss.

“When by BF (Jake) was 19 he had a job at a smoothie shop.

He worked with three other people and his boss. (We’ll call him Michael)

Jake’s one stipulation before getting his job was that he not work with peanut butter since he is allergic.

Sounds reasonable enough…

He’ll break out in hives and if ingested his throat will swell. Not bad enough for epiPen but bad enough to need Benadryl.

At this job they made protein balls and it was made with peanut butter.

One day during a rush Jake was at the sink when Michael threw a big bowl of leftover peanut butter in it the sink and told Jake to wash it.

Jake argued and told him he can’t touch it and that he’d have a break out.

Michael argued with him and told him to do it.

So. Jake being the stubborn bastard he is, said ok. Fine!

This got ugly!

Roughly five minutes later Jakes hands and arms were covered in hives.

So once his arms had visible hives he took a picture and sent it in the work group chat the owners were in saying

“Can someone cover my shift. I’m a tad under the weather” with pictures of his hands.

He walked out before anyone responded.

Someone covered his shift and the owners came in with the girl who covered the rest of his shift to yell at Michael.

The next day the girl told Jake about Micheal getting chewed out by the owners.

The owners called Jake and apologized for what happened.

See ya later, dude!

Long story short that along with stealing money from the registers and being creepy with the high school girls Michael was fired.

Jake quit shortly after, just because.

For people commenting that was stupid and allergic reactions get worse yes he’s well aware.

He was a spiteful teen with no sense of self preservation just pettiness, it’s just a little possible death.

The owners liked him and gave him an espresso machine when he left so he says “it was worth it.”

No. He wouldn’t and won’t do it again.”

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Well, that’s one to do it…

Not the safest way, but what are you gonna do with teens?

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