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His Disabled Neighbor Refuses To Stop Parking In His Driveway, So He Finally Gets Her Car Towed And She Flips Out

by Ryan McCarthy

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When you move somewhere new, there are a lot of things you have to get used to: new trash days, parking rules, HOA regulations… The list goes on and on.

But the biggest thing you have to acclimate to is your new neighbors, and sometimes you don’t always get the perfect neighbor you were hoping for.

And when this user’s disabled neighbor refused to stop parking in his driveway, and he ended up having to get her towed!

Should he have been more understanding? Decide for yourself!

AITA for not allowing my “disabled” neighbor to park in my driveway and getting her car towed, despite the previous owner allowing it?

I bought a house a few months ago and moved in last month.

The previous owner was a friendly old man that could no longer live alone so he decided to sell and move in with his daughter.

Now apparently he had been allowing use of his driveway to his “disabled” neighbor lady.

Just to be clear I put disabled in quotation marks because the lady in question is just really really overweight and I am not sure if that counts as disabled.

He said this arrangement was because of how difficult it was to find parking on their street.

Largely because street parking is extremely limited and what little street parking there is, is pretty much instantly occupied.

What I am saying is unless you have a driveway you end up having to park a good 5 minute walk away and that’s the best case scenario.

Obviously I was unaware of this so I was surprised to see a large SUV parked in my driveway when I moved in.

Considering he needed his driveway for his movers to park, he needed that SUV gone!

I ended up having to knock on several doors asking who’s car it was because the movers could not stand still on the busy road too long.

I figured out it was the neighbor’s car so after a good 10 minutes of knocking an extremely angry enormous lady opened the door.

I told her to move the car and she immediately started arguing that the neighbor said it was fine.

But there was a new sheriff in town…

I told her that he had moved out and I had moved in, and no it is not fine. I told her to move it because the movers need to unload my stuff.

She begrudgingly did, I ended up seeing her walking back half an hour later completely wet with sweat.

Now a few days later I went back to work and lo and behold, the SUV is parked in my driveway again.

So he started the whole process again, and went to tell his neighbor to move her car.

I go over there again, spend 20 minutes knocking on the door before this lady opens the door, again, visibly angry.

I tell her to move her car, my driveway is not public parking. She protests saying her ankles can’t take walking the distance and claims I can easily walk.

I tell her that while that might be true, it’s my driveway and I want to park there myself.

Again she moves her car, again I spot her half an hour later drenched in sweat making her way home.

But apparently this woman just wasn’t getting the message!

Well it happened again a week ago and this time she would not open her door, I got tired of it and had her SUV towed.

She of course came to my house to scream at me, I told her to get off my property. A few days later I had a small fence installed with a lock on it to make sure it did not happen again.

I have since been getting dirty looks from her and one other neighbor and when I told my mom she told me I should be nicer to people.

I do feel sort of bad too, she clearly struggles with the walk after all.


Maybe he would have been more gracious if the woman hadn’t felt so entitled to his property!

Reddit was 100% on OP’s side, and many thought she should get a handicapped parking spot if she really needed one.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user said that if she was disabled, than it was her responsibility, not his, to get the proper accommodations.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user said that at the end of the day it was his driveway, not hers!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user was shocked at the woman’s audacity to think that even after the house had changed owners, she still was owed a spot in their driveway!

Source: Reddit/AITA

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar!

A lesson too many people find difficult to grasp.

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