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His Entitled Neighbor Got Mad When He Wouldn’t Let Her Borrow His Nice Car. She Blasted Him On Social Media, But He Fought Back And Won.

by Matthew Gilligan

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Wow…all I can say is…WOW.

Because this guy’s neighbor is something else!

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AITA for exposing an entitled neighbor?

“I (30M) live alone in a “meh” house, and working as an engineer, I decided to spoil myself with a nice sports car. It is a 2021 Aston Martin Vantage with manual transmission, for those into cars. It has only two seats.

Since it is a rear wheel drive car with a decent amount of power and I live in Canada, I decided to get a beat-up SUV (an old Ford Escape) to use during the winter. During the summer, I use my sports car daily and just leave my “winter beater” getting dusty.

He’s being a nice guy…

One of my neighbors (mid 20sF) recently got divorced and became a single mom. Her financial situation got bad, and her ex husband kept their car. Seeing her struggle, I let her use my winter beater during summer. She was thrilled and thankful.

One day of summer, winter beater broke down. Not a surprise. My neighbor was really sad, and when we took it to the mechanic, the repairs would cost more than the car, so it was not worth it (my sports car takes most of my money anyways, I live with not too much things nor luxuries except my car, I am not exactly rich). I decided to junk it and winterize my sports car.

My neighbor didn’t like this decision. I said that I wouldn’t be paying to repair it and sadly she wouldn’t have a car anymore. She said she had a trip planned with her kids, and asked me for my Vantage.

Uhhh, I don’t think so…

I of course refused it, mentioned that she wouldn’t be able to drive it (too much power, manual transmission, RWD), and it was also a two-seater, which wouldn’t fit her kids anyways. I also don’t let anyone else drive it – it’s my baby – let alone for a vacation without me.

She stormed back to her house and I simply donated my winter beater to a charity. She posted a long rant in a Facebook group of our neighborhood saying I am a bad neighbor and how I denied her kids a vacation.

I replied to it mentioning she doesn’t even know how to drive a manual car, it is ridiculously dangerous for someone inexperienced to drive it, and it is a two-seater.

He didn’t hold back.

I told her she would be an irresponsible mom if she just put both her kids in the passenger seat (not only dumb and illegal, but dangerous), and that I have no responsibility in giving my car for two weeks for her to go in a trip, no matter the car. It was a massive reply.

I also told I was disappointed with her way of thinking for assuming I would just provide a car for her when I have nothing to do with her life.

The winter beater was a favor and she has was acting entitled for thinking I would provide my Vantage for her. Everyone else sided with me and roasted her brutally.

Lots of neighbors congratulated me for my decision, but some told me I went too far and should have just ignored her or just said “please remember it is a two-seater, your kids won’t fit”.

A few friends and relatives also told me it was a jerk move to do this and that I don’t understand the struggles of being a single mom.

AITA for exposing her in such an aggressive manner?”

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Man, talk about taking advantage of someone!

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