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His Uncle’s Ex Took His Car Without His Permission, But He Knew The Tags Were In His Name So He Contacted The Cops And Got It Back

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@alikarimiboroujeni

Who’s ready for a revenge story from Reddit?!?!

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Taking the car? Not so fast…

“This happened about 10 years ago or so to my uncle.

He had a car that was in okay shape, but what made it stand out was the sound system.

Yeah… your typical “bass” setup.

He was all about that bass.

Well, he had moved in with us because his wife kicked him out.

He wasn’t a slacker though, within a couple of days of moving in, he had a good paying job and was helping contribute to household bills… and things were fine for a few months…

Until the wife (now filing for divorce and out for revenge) suddenly remembered that my uncle’s car was in BOTH of their names.

So, she had a friend drive her to the other side of the state and they decided to take the car in the middle of the night.

Oh, man!

My uncle, who slept on the couch, heard the car start and take off down the road.

Thinking it was being stolen, he called the cops, and the car was quickly located.

After the chaos slowed down, the cops said there was nothing they could do because the car was in the wife’s name as well and she was legally allowed to take it.

I was awoken from all the noise and caught the tail end of the phone call. “Who’s name is the tag in?”

Uncle: “What?”

Me: ‘Who’s name is the tag in? If it’s just your name, she can take the car but not the plate.”

Here it comes…

So my uncle mentioned this to the cops.

“Did you want to report the plate as stolen?”

Uncle: “YES!”

So the cops seized the plate, and then told the wife that she would have to have the car towed from this point.

She tried to make a deal with my uncle to let her use the plate to get the car back to her house, but you can imagine how that went.

In the end, she decided that the car wasn’t worth it and was going to just abandon it on the side of the road and let the cops impound it.

Once the wife and friend drove off, the cops called my uncle back and asked if he wanted to come get the car, they’d wait for him..

We picked it up, and it went to a friend’s property until we were able to get the title transferred to just my uncle.

The wife even had to pay for a duplicate title because she lost the original.”

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She didn’t quite think that through, did she…?

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