June 5, 2024 at 7:19 pm

Grumpy Grandad-In-Law Sent Him Old Beer For Christmas Every Year, So He Returned The Same Back To Him And Got A Laugh Out Of The Old Boy

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/Pettyrevenge/pexels/Alex Knight

Having strong dislike towards someone is one thing. But showing it explicitly through actions is entirely different!

This person shares a story of his friend where his grandad in-law dislikes him.

Check out what the granddad did to show his detest.

An extreme double petty revenge

Not my story but my friend’s.

My friend got married to his wife and her grandad didn’t like him at first.

The grandad did something small but very petty

So, when grandad understood that my friend didn’t like beer, he took a liking to send him a 6-pack of fosters for Christmas, every year.

Some would say that fosters ain’t technically beer, I agree, but for this story’s purpose I will still refer to it as beer.

The friend wasn’t any less and did the exact same thing in return..

My friend then would keep the 6-pack of fosters every year and send the same 6-pack back to his wife’s grandad on his birthday, in February.

Grandad also didn’t like beer (posh geezer prefers wine) so would keep the same 6-pack til Christmas and then send it to my friend.

Gosh you wouldn’t have expected that!

By the third year this has been happening, my friend called grandad and said he should check the dates before sending the beer out as by then the best before date was 3 years off!

And finally some resolution to the back and forth of ages old beer!

Needless to say that the old man took a liking for my friend’s pettiness (or didn’t like the exposition) and stopped sending him beer.

This petty pair of granddad and son-in-law somehow bonded over how petty they were. There are weird connections in the world and this seemed to be just another one in the ton.

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All’s well that ends well!

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