June 10, 2024 at 9:12 pm

His Neighbors Are Complaining The Construction Noise At His House Is Affecting Their Airbnb, But He Won’t Shut Down The Work

by Matthew Gilligan

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Yes, construction is noisy and can give people some major headaches…literally…

But when projects need to get done, there’s no way around getting the actual work going.

The guy who wrote this story on Reddit is getting some blowback from neighbors about the work being done on his house.

Is he acting like a jerk?

Let’s see what’s going on here….

AITA for having loud construction work done while my neighbor is hosting guests?

“I (25M) bought a modest townhouse with my wife (24F) on a quiet street near a popular area of the city. It shares walls with neighbors on both sides.

We bought is because of the great location, but the house is currently uninhabitable due to drainage issues, mold in the bathroom, ceilings coming down and electrical problems.

A full renovation is needed and we need to demolish all the bad stuff.

This means drilling through walls, floors and the concrete foundation.

This was gonna be a big job.

We hired a construction crew to do most of the heavy lifting for us. They started demolishing two days ago and scheduled these works for another 5 days.

The heavy machines needed for this job make a lot of noise and produce dust.

Our neighbors on one side recently converted their house into an Airbnb, accommodating up to 10 guests.

When we met them about a month ago, they showed us around in their house while we were discussing renovations.

They rent out their house for about $600/day and had guests staying over today while our construction crew was working on the demolishing job.

Here it comes…

That is when the guests started complaining to our construction crew first, escalating to our neighbor who then called my wife.

Their guests have cancelled the rest of their booking due to the noise.

Our neighbors’ Airbnb relies on good reviews and having loud noise is obviously not good for business.

During the call with my wife, they discussed the upcoming booking schedule and requested for us to keep the noise down when they have guests staying over.

We can however not keep the noise down without stopping all of the work temporarily due to all other jobs relying on this demolishing work to be done first.

If we were to follow the schedule and stop the work during the days they have guests over, it would cause a 7 day delay in our plans, not even counting weekend.

Since we are renting and our rental contract ends soon, every day we are postponed from moving in would cost us about $100 for a hotel.

On top of that, the construction crew would also have about $40/day of costs to reschedule work in other locations to accommodate this request.

Let’s talk money…

We basically told our neighbors that we are willing to follow their request if they would reimburse us for the cost that comes with it, which is about $980 for the total delay.

We understand that our neighbors have a business and don’t want to ruin their reviews.

But in my opinion doing business comes with a cost, and I don’t think it’s totally unreasonable to have 7 days of noisy work done during working hours, once in a year.

They received our offer and scolded my wife, telling us to “be more considerate of our neighbors” and “be very thoughtful of our next steps.”

I’m not planning on stopping the work and paying out of my pocket for their profits on their business.


And here’s how people reacted on Reddit.

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You gotta do what you gotta do in these situations…

And when your neighbors are cranky, I suppose that’s just the breaks.

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