June 11, 2024 at 6:12 am

Man Realizes Something Isn’t Right As He’s Paying At 7/11, And Ends Up Finding A Credit Card Skimmer Stealing His Info

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Tiktok/@theresastoneinmyboot

With prices rising everyday, even going to convenience stores like 7/11 can leave you feeling like you’re being robbed.

A bag of chips for $7?!? A pint of ice cream for eight? It’s hard to justify even getting small snacks when you’re paying so much for so little.

But according to TikTok user @theresastoneinmyboot, there’s a chance 7/11 isn’t just figuratively robbing you, but also LITERALLY robbing you of your credit card information!

Check out his video where he pulls a credit card skimmer right off the 7/11 kiosk!

Source: Tiktok/@theresastoneinmyboot

His video starts with him calling for the cashier’s attention, but unfortunately for her, its not to ring up the gummy bears he’s about to buy!

“Miss! There’s a skimmer on there! A Credit Card skimmer!”

He’s talking about a sneaky machine that scammers put on point of service kiosks to store the credit card information of anyone that uses it.

Source: Tiktok/@theresastoneinmyboot

After calling the clerk over, he points to the bottom of the machine, where these types of information storage devices are placed.

In another video of his about these scams, he shows how to identify a skimmer on one particular machine: the Ingenico Lane7000.

Apparently the key to spotting these skimmers is if the machine is real, the tapping icon on the tap to pay area will light up, but if a skimmer is attached, you won’t be able to see the icon light up.

Source: Tiktok/@theresastoneinmyboot

And apparently he knows what he’s talking about, because his hunch ended up being exactly on the money!

He grips the bottom of the reader and pulls, and the skimmer which looked exactly like the bottom of the reader, comes right off in his hand!

The clerk acts shocked, and while its possible it was put on without her knowledge, her acting isn’t exactly top notch to convince us she didn’t know about it!

Check out his video for yourself!


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TikTok was shocked, and wanted to know how they themselves could identify one of these devices.

Source: Tiktok/@theresastoneinmyboot

And this user said that one time a cashier even got mad at her boyfriend for removing a skimmer from his store.

Source: Tiktok/@theresastoneinmyboot

Others said stores near them had resorted to creative methods to keep skimmers from being used.

Source: Tiktok/@theresastoneinmyboot

And finally, this paranoid user even thought Pete himself was in on the hustle!

Source: Tiktok/@theresastoneinmyboot

Be careful the next time you’re craving a big gulp, folks!

These scammers are everywhere.

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