June 11, 2024 at 7:47 pm

Man Tries To Get Revenge On Family Acting Awful At A Resort, But Feels Guilty When He Ends Up Accidentally Breaking The Father’s Leg

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Pexels/Reddit

Vacation is a time for you to kick back and relax, to get away from the annoying people at your work and finally take a deep breath.

So if somebody is actively trying to sabotage your relaxation on holiday, you’d best believe they’re going to get what’s coming to them!

But when this user tried to get revenge on a family harassing him and his girlfriend, his revenge quickly went much further than he was originally intending!

Check it out!

I feel bad about my petty revenge

I’m not proud of my act of petty revenge, it happened about 15 years ago and I feel quite guilty now.

I suppose I’m posting this as a warning to future …revengers, that things can go wrong.

So years ago when I was 18, my girlfriend and I went in an all inclusive holiday to Spain for 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, he and his girlfriend were less than pleased with some of the other travelers at their all inclusive…

We were having a great time for the first week but one day a new family arrived, immediately you could tell they were gross.

They would get seriously drunk and rough house each other, play fighting in the pool and overtly mocking everyone else around.

As luck would have it (not) they were in the room next to us, they were so loud and just the worst, drinking and banging the walls till the early hours.

Soon the family’s shenanigans got personal towards him and his girlfriend!

At this hotel everyone had to put a towel at the bottom of their door to stop these cockroach type bugs coming into their room.

As soon as the family moved into next door, every morning our towel had been pulled away from our door overnight…. it must have been their little game to mess with us.

Anyway, one night I went out into the hallway and pulled their towel back, squirted suntan oil under their door and put the towel back.

My plan was they would come back drunk, and as they stumbled through their door after pulling my towel away, they would slip over like in a cartoon.

But his plan ended up working a little TOO well…

They came back that night, the usual shouting ect, heard them pull my door towel away and hysterical laughing… the door opens and after a few seconds….

SLAP! the unmistakable sound of fat flesh slapping floor tiles… and then screaming.

I’ve got go be honest me and my girlfriend were crying laughing at our revenge at first but the screaming didn’t stop for what felt like hours.

And when they saw the family the next day, they realized their revenge had gone a little too far.

We didn’t see or hear from them the next day and forgot all about it, and then we saw them at the pool…

The dad, who was about 45, was sitting looking seriously grumpy with a huge cast the whole way up his leg… I’m talking ankle to upper thigh.

The whole family looked gutted. We saw out our last few days and went home.

Now I’m older I can’t help thinking that the injury probably wasn’t covered by holiday insurance so potentially financially ruined a family holiday.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Reddit, however, did not share his sympathy for the victim of his prank!

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

And this user said even if he kept them from another vacation, he helped protect families from their tom-foolery!

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Others didn’t get why the hotel didn’t stop them from ruining everyone else’s time.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Finally, this user helped ease the guilt by saying that their free health insurance probably covered them!

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I mean, I guess they had it coming.

Still, this revenge was pretty extreme!

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