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Restaurant Veteran Shares How Cheesecake Factory Workers Are Able To Handle Cooking That Huge Menu. – ‘This method is used widely in the industry.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@chefisaacnyc

If you’ve ever eaten at a Cheesecake Factory restaurant before, you’ve probably wondered how the workers in the kitchen are able to pull off cooking for a ton of people ordering from a HUGE menu every single day.

Well, wonder no more, my friends!

A TikTokker named Isaac who has a lot of experience in kitchens posted a video and talked about how these folks do it.

Isaac said, “I’ve had plenty of experience in corporate kitchens, and basically how these places work is they have a large prep team, and they also have a very large refrigerator or walk-in, as we call it.”

He continued, “Most places that operate at this level receive two deliveries a week—most of the time, depending on the products. Then, they have a freezer full of products as well for things like, you know, bread or french fries—things you can’t just really replicate unless you have another operation going.”

Source: TikTok

Isaac told viewers that big kitchens like the ones at Cheesecake Factory locations are split up into stations and each chef has a specialty, allowing food to be pumped out in a timely manner.

He said, “Through coordination and fresh ingredients, you get really good food. Each big kitchen has the basic stations. Fry, saute, grill, maybe an oven station for like flatbreads, and a cold station for desserts and salads. It’s pretty common to have this setup. It’s not specific to Cheesecake Factory—this method is used widely in the industry, and it’s how we rank ourselves as chefs.”

He added, “I think bigger restaurants are successful at this because they have more than one chef communicating to the line and making sure all of the dishes arrive to the pass together. Notoriously this why Chefs hate well-done steaks; it slows down service and it’s a terrible way to eat a steak.”

Source: TikTok

Isaac also said, “People should try to learn more about the restaurant business and how it all works. They’re a lot of valuable people behind these productions, so when you eat a restaurant it all feels smooth. From the food they eat to the restaurants they frequent, consumers affect us in ways they can’t imagine and they should understand why it matters.”

He added, “There’s no mistaking the influence they have over us, you can see the change in how people eat because of trends and viral videos in the past eight years. It’s not a mistake that every restaurant has to have a brunch menu, burrata, and charcuterie on the menu. The average restaurant goer has tremendous influence and learning more about how our process works would make for a better experience for everyone.”

Source: TikTok

Take a look at his video.


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Another person said these places are run like the military.

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Somehow…they get it done…

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