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Rude Woman Chewed Them Out For Using A Parking Space That She Claimed Illegally, So They Made Sure To Reserve Her Spot For The Next Couple Years

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge/Unsplash/@jordankgraff

I’m not a petty person and when someone gives me a hard time and I usually just let it go…

But I’m thankful that some folks out there are petty and enjoy putting folks in their places!

Check out what this person did after a woman was pretty darn rude to them about a parking space.

Apartment Parking Spot Revenge.

“I used to live in a gated apartment complex that was built on a hill.

I had to walk up 0.3km up to my block and then up 5 floors as the apartment blocks had no elevators.

Parking was limited and the only way to get them was to apply for them one year in advance, and then paying a lump sum full year for a parking permit and spot at the very beginning of the calendar year.

This wasn’t easy…

So, for the first year living there, I had to park my car at the side of the public road outside of the complex gate, and then walk all the way up, often carrying my guitars and music equipment along as I wouldn’t keep them in the car overnight.

My story began almost immediately after moving in when I used the visitor’s pass to drive up and unload some bulky furniture.

The pass allowed me to a limited parking space, which was thankfully near my apartment.

However, as I was done unloading and was leaving, I found my car boxed in by another vehicle that had parked perpendicularly in front of mine.

I couldn’t leave as no contact info was left and there were cars on either side of me.

I was in a legitimate visitors parking spot with a valid pass, and I was frustrated as I didn’t know why I was boxed in.

It didn’t help that I had an important appointment to go after and time was running out.

What to do…?

Reporting the issue to the security post downhill would also mean me having to walk all the way back uphill, so i did what a frustrated driver would do and blasted my horn for a good 5 minutes.

Nobody appeared for some time and I was just about to start the walk down when a lady appeared and started scolding me for taking her parking spot!

I didn’t say anything as I was confused, and she just kept yelling and accusing me of inconveniencing her. I tried telling her that I was parked in a visitors spot, but she just kept going on.

In the end, she ordered me to move my car and never park there again. She got into her car and moved away for me to get out. I was intimidated by her so I didn’t retaliate, but I knew what I wanted to do over the next few days.

She was gonna get hers…

Apparently, she had illegally duplicated her pass (which was just a car sticker) by photocopying it and used it for her two cars.

One legal spot, and the fake in the visitor’s spot.

Within a few hours, I found out which block she lived, the spot she legitimately rents, and which cars she used.

By the end of that week, I submitted my parking application and waited out the whole year.

Come January 2, I was the first in line in the management building and paid the full year’s rental for my parking spot.

The parking spot I chose? That person’s parking spot.

I was issued the parking permit on the spot.

Take that!

I next submitted an official’ish complaint of the woman’s parking scam, with full photos of the lady’s cars, the fake sticker, and her apartment unit number. Management apparently knew who she was.

Best part, she walked into the office to pay for her parking spot as I was leaving.

I merely smiled at her in passing.

I repeated my actions again and used that parking spot for two full years before moving out.

As for the lady, she got a bad parking spot further away downhill. Makes me smile to this day.”

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Petty revenge…you gotta love it!

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