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She And Her Young Son Were Moved To New Seats On A Flight, But The Person Sitting Next To Them Wasn’t Happy When She Refused To Move Back

by Matthew Gilligan

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I’m not sure how I’d react to having a mother and a young kid next to me on a flight when I thought I was going to have my own row, but I guess you just gotta roll with the punches and be pleasant, right?

Well, I guess not everyone is as nice as me, because this woman and her child got some blowback when they got moved on their flight.

Did she act like a jerk?

Read on and see what you think.

AITA for refusing to go back to my originally assigned seat on the plane?

“I (31F) was traveling today with my 19 month old son on a plane on a 3 hour flight.

My son, being under two, has to sit on my lap. I also had a big backpack with all the necessities that I keep on the floor and easily accessible. It can get crowded fast, but it’s just how it is when you travel alone with a young child.

I got assigned a random seat (12 C) at check in, and ended up being in a row with no other empty seat. Although I appreciate it when there is an empty seat next to me as it greatly improves our flight experience, It’s not an expectation I have and I never ask for it at check up.

She got a little bit of help.

Once the boarding was completed but before take off, a flight attendant came to me and offered to move us 3 rows up (9 C) because there were two seats availables, and that they usually try to accommodate people with young infants. I was delighted and accepted right away.

The flight attendant helped me move my things and explained the situation to the other passenger on row 9.

This passenger wasn’t happy.

The passenger did not appreciate it at all. She started complaining to the flight attendant that she was planning to sleep on the flight, and that it would be impossible now. That she specifically chose this seat while checking online because the row was empty and it’s gonna be a nightmare now.

The flight attendant simply explained that both my seats (old and new) are Standard, that the women only paid for her own seat and that their policy is trying to accommodate young parents if possible.

The woman then told me that I should be ashamed to impose all this noise on people that are just trying to enjoy their flight. Especially since it wasn’t even my seat and I didn’t even pay for it.

Honestly, I’m really not good with confrontation, I usually end up either crying or apologizing so I just ignored her all the way, as if she didn’t speak at all. That got her even more angry but she finally stopped complaining after a while.

What’s the big deal?

My son ended up crying only once, I got some stink eye and some other rude comments but all in all, the flight was way more comfortable for us this way, so I don’t really regret switching seats.

But I do wonder if I’m the *******, it’s true that I didn’t pay for that seat, and that it wasn’t my originally assigned seat.

AITA here?”

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