June 11, 2024 at 11:51 pm

She Gave Her Brother Cheap Rent For Years, But When She Evicted Him Her Family Was Outraged

by Ashley Ashbee

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Having a formal contract with family members doesn’t necessarily mean there will be harmony when the terms take effect.

The resulting rift can be very heated, like what happened with this person when she evicted her brother. Check out how things went down.

AITA for evicting my brother and his family from the house I have inherited so my daughter can live there?

So I inherited the house she lived in after being her primary caregiver.

It is a small 2 bedroom and I lived there until my husband and I moved to a bigger property.

Once she was no longer living there, she did something nice for her brother.

About a year later I agreed to rent it to my brother at his request. I charged him below-market rent.

But I warned him I will need it back when my daughter Caroline turns 18 (she was 3 at the time) since it is very close to universities and the city center.

I had a legal document drafted to that effect.

Her 18th birthday came around and my brother ignored my efforts to get in touch, so I issued him notice to vacate and he ignored that, too.

Things got ugly after he wouldn’t honor the terms of the lease.

Last week he and his family were officially evicted. The house was in a terrible condition.

My other brother called me an ******* for evicting him and his family so my “spoiled” daughter can live by herself.

He was also angry I supposedly didn’t give them enough notice (they had just over a year to find something suitable).

He also said I have inherited the house by “cheating.” My parents are on his side since Adam and his family live with them.

Here’s what people are saying.

Lots of people noted that parents had a vested interest in being on her brother’s side.

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I don’t know what else he expects from her? That he should live there until he dies?

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Bingo. In my experience, cheap people are never satisfied.

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Exactly. I’m disgusted. They should be thanking OP!

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Fair point. This also means she wasn’t taking care of the house, which all landlords are supposed to do.

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Thanksgiving will be awkward.

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