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She Was Reprimanded After Returning From Lunch Five Minutes Late. So She Made Sure To Be On Time Moving Forward And Stopped Working Overtime.

by Laura Ornella

Source: Reddit/Pexels

It’s natural that, eventually, life will collide with the workplace.

As long as it’s not a common thing, most staff are understanding.

But what happens when that’s not the case?

Let’s see what this Reddit post says about a coworker who gets involved.

Boss trashed me for 5 min late, so I complied to their wishes

I worked at a great company, not hourly paid.

Official hours are 9:30 – 12:00-14:00 (but just one hour of lunch break, you have to manage it between those times) — 18h.

I love my work, and often arrive before 9 and leave after 18:45, so almost 2 hours more of work every day.

Two extra hours isn’t nothing! That time really adds up.

So 10 hours a week, “free”, but gladly done, I really enjoy what I am doing.

One day, for my lunch break I went to have sushi but the cashier made a small mistake with the bill, and we had to stay a few minutes more to regulate it.

So, I came back to work at 14:05 (left at 13:00) So, 5 minutes more than the usual lunch break.

That doesn’t seem like too big of a faux pas unless someone is keeping a close eye on things.

A girl who works there (not my boss, or any kind of supervisor) trashed me for being late, not respectful yada yada yada…I was really angry.

I am no child, we are not at school or anything, and my job was always done and with my clients’ satisfaction.

I like that mentality — let the work speak for itself!

So, the next day and the following week, I arrived at 9:30 precisely and left at 18:00 on the clock.

My (real) boss was quite annoyed, because well, I worked way less than before, and I explained the situation.

I don’t know what happened to her, but she never trashed anyone after that 🙂

Now, that’s what I call punctual.

Obviously, each workplace has rules — but this coworker seems deeply invested in a minor slip-up.

Let’s see what Reddit thinks about the situation.

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Ultimately, the coworker had no reason to become invested in this employee’s minor slip-up.

They say “time is money” for a reason, people!