June 30, 2024 at 2:34 pm

Target Worker Catalogues Chaos She Has To Close Up The Store Solo. – I’m gonna somehow have to close out 24 registers.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@ketamilord

We all know how scary starting a new job is but this girl had a baptism of fire when she had to close an entire Target store herself!

The staffer who goes by the TikTok handle @ketaminelord said she’d only just started the job two months earlier, and she claimed she’d been left to close the store “nearly alone.”

That sounds like some kind of oversight – or at least, one could hope.

Source: TikTok/@ketaminelord

“Morning manager left at 3pm,” she told her followers on this viral clip. “Nobody else ever came.”

She said there were only four people working in the store and she looked absolutely freaked out.

“I’m gonna somehow have to close out 24 registers,” she said.

Source: TikTok/@ketamilord

I don’t know about you but this is giving me first job panic vibes. She explained she’d have to close the store herself, claiming there were no managers on.

“I literally don’t know what the **** I’m doing,” she added, as she grabbed a red trolley.

She wound up saying in the end “it was closer to 50 registers” she had to close in the end.

She added: “I don’t wanna be here anymore, I’m frightened, I miss my mother,” as she photographed herself looking forlorn on the shop floor.

Source: TikTok/@ketamilord

The young worker claimed she clocked off at 11.40pm and yet had to clock on again the next morning at 7am!

You can’t help but feel for this young worker and hope that she never feels this overwhelmed at work again!

Watch the full clip here:


Honestly would say i did a stellar job considering i wasnt prepared or warned for this #target


Here’s what people thought of the clip:


Source: TikTok/@ketamilord

Folks dishing…

Source: TikTok/@ketamilord

Aww. Surely overtime y’all!

Source: TikTok/@ketamilord

I’m not sure I could have handled it.

Kudos to her for sticking it out.

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