June 29, 2024 at 6:23 am

Too Broke For Coffee Pods? Here’s One Girl’s Hack For A Free Social Cup!

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@kat71766

A simple cup of Joe is what most of us would consider far from a luxury in our day.

But what if things are so bad, you can’t even afford that?

Well, it seems things are just getting increasingly tough for average Americans and this post from TikToker Kat aka @kat71766 seems to prove the point.

Source: TikTok/@kat71766
Kat is able to afford rent – but it seems that that rent is likely very high and with prices increasing across the board – she’s no longer able to afford coffee pods!

So, she’s had to make the most of a communal kitchen in her apartment block and she has to snatch coffee from there if she’s got guests round.

Because let’s face it, who wants to admit you can’t afford coffee?

She told her followers in this viral post: “Since inflation is now so high, I can no longer afford to buy coffee pods.”

Source: TikTok/@kat71766
She continued: “So, whenever I have guests over, I just, like, go get coffee at the machine in my apartment and have the coffee ready in case they want coffee.”

She whacked her cup under the coffee machine in the communal kitchen and poured. “So, yeah, I just came down here and get it,” she said.

Source: TikTok/@kat71766
Did we ever really think we would have it tougher than our parents?

What is UP America?!

Watch the full clip here:


At least i still have coffee #fyp #inflation

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Total flex!

Source: TikTok/@kat71766


Source: TikTok/@kat71766

Master plan!

Source: TikTok/@kat71766

You have to cut corners where you can.

I think a real friend would understand that!

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