July 3, 2024 at 3:45 pm

‘Did your parents pay for you to go to college?’ – Female Employee Shared The Condescending Conversations She Had With A Male Co-Worker

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@martharoseyy

Why do some people feel the need to offer unsolicited advice to others?

It’s mind-boggling to me!

Just keep your trap shut and go on with your day…unless you’re asked for your opinion, of course.

But that’s NOT what happened in this story.

A woman named Martha posted a video on TikTok and talked to viewers about what happened when a nosey co-worker felt it was his place to lecture her about her life.

Source: TikTok/@alehxus

Rosey told viewers, “I work in a lab by myself. He comes into my lab one day and he goes, ‘Did your parents pay for you to go to college?’”

Rosey told the man that she paid for her education with loans and scholarships and the man told her that she should use the extra money from her parents to put into a Roth IRA account.

She told him again that her parents didn’t pay for her to go to school and the man replied, “‘Well, if you ever want to have kids, you could just start one for them.”

Because she was eager to end the conversation as soon as possible, Rosey lied and told the man she didn’t want to get married or have children.

Source: TikTok/@alehxus

Some time later, Rosey did become pregnant and when she told her fellow employees the big news, the co-worker in question said, “Hmm really sounds like you didn’t want to have kids.”

In the video’s caption, Rosey said that the man also told her to “go back to school to get a real job.”

Good lord!

Source: TikTok/@alehxus

Take a look at the video.


Also told me i need to go back to school to get a real job (im an engineer) #workdrama #pregnant #workplaceproblems

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Here’s how people reacted on TikTok.

One viewer had some advice about how she should’ve handled it.

Source: TikTok/@alehxus

Another viewer spoke up.

Source: TikTok/@alehxus

And this TikTok user thinks they know what’s really going on here.

Source: TikTok/@alehxus

That guy needs a serious attitude adjustment.

Or some better meds.

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