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Park Picnic Friends Blamed Her For Sabotaging Their Diets With Her Snacks, But She Told Them All That Their Health Wasn’t Her Responsibility

by Jayne Elliott

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Can snacks ruin a friendship? Maybe, especially when one person is on a diet and another person isn’t.

In today’s story, a mom shares why she might lose all of her friends simply because of the snacks she eats.

Let’s see why what she’s eating is such a big problem…

AITA? For rudely telling my neighbor to take a hike for wanting me to stop bringing snacks to the park?

So me and the ladies in the neighborhood are in a group. We always hang out together (most of us are STAHMs) shop together and always keep in touch on social media.

With the weather getting hotter, we began our routine park picnic as a group (moms and the kids) moms to enjoy some fresh air (we all live in small apartments) and the kids to play and have fun.

One lady in the group had a suggestion.

One of the ladies (new to the neighborhood) suggested that we start a diet to get in a better shape.

Each came up with her own diet and workout routine except me because I’m petite (tiny) plus I breastfeed so I eat more than I need. They said it’s perfectly understandable and I thought that was the end of it.

That wasn’t the end of it.

However once we started going on our weekly picnics to the park they started complaining that I was bringing snacks like raisin cake/bread/butter/Doritos for my son and that kinda of stuff I bring with me.

They told me I was ruining their diet by making them ‘crave’ for this stuff and wanting to have it even by looking at it.

They tried to convince me to try their snacks but I already have and I didn’t like them.

This caused a huge problem with the ladies. They told me they no longer want me to go with them to the park after they “uncontrollably” ate my snacks and ruined their diets.

I said fine.

She changed her park going routine.

I started coming with my son to the park and sit by myself.

Each one of the ladies would stop by to chatter and end up taking some of my snacks saying they couldn’t resist.

This went on for 3 weeks.

The snacks were still a problem.

One of them (the one who supervises the whole diet plan) came to me and informed me that I was indirectly ruining their diets by giving them snacks when I see them at the park.

I told her I wasn’t forcing them to eat my snacks but they politely ask to have some so I give them.

She bluntly said I was seemingly trying to sabotage their diet because of jealousy or simply to proof a point that this was a waste of time since I didn’t accept to be part of it from the beginning.

She gave me an ultimatum to either stop bringing unhealthy food, not bring anything at all, or stop coming to the park altogether so I won’t end up giving any of the ladies unhealthy snacks.

She stood up for herself.

I was shocked I told her to take a hike.

This park is a public place and I’m free to bring whatever snack I want and I’m not going to make my son starve after playing for hours.

Long story short I told her to take a hike we got into a argument and in a matter of hours the ladies were criticizing me for my rudeness and not wanting to help them with their diets.

They said yes they were the ones asking for my snacks when they see me and they feel guilty but I should try to accommodate them and keep the snacks away otherwise this could ruin our friendship.

Who are these people!?

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Being on a diet isn’t easy, but you can’t expect everyone around you to hide their junk food just so you’re not tempted by it!

Get real, fam!

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